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Thursday, May 26

Penang in HDR

Just came back from a fantastic vacation trip at Penang.
Didn't took much pictures this time.
Cuz i'm doing a series of videos using the D90.
Anyways, I still do take pictures.
And the concept this time,
is to potray Penang through HDR processing.

To view in better quality, please go to my flickr photostream @

Saturday, January 22

The 1st post of 2011

[Editted and posted on 3rd of April 2011, this is previously an unpublished post in January 2011]

And I'm back.

Wow it's April and this is the first time i update my blog.

GOSH. The blog almost get rotten.

Glad that i still remembered its existence.

Well, since the last post, I did take a lot of pictures.

I still hav tons of unprocessed photos.

The places that I went during the hibernation of this blog include

Tasik Kenyir, the East coast of Terengganu and Melaka.

Lots of photos also been taken during the Chinese New Year.

(omg i dont even hav any updates on 2011 CNY)

i joined a photo shooting event in conjunction of CNY for the first time.

Family photo taking sessions were the most enjoyable ever and

i even made my own reflector for that.

Well, i guess that's all for the Updates. I'm very busy for real.

Assignments and tasks are as many as usual.

Exam's comin soon too. All the things just go wilder and wilder.

Wish me luck.

Just one photos for this post.

Will take a long time to do that if i am to upload more.

Anyways, my Facebook photo albums are still updated.

For more photo just click on my fb to hav a look on it.

That's all for this post. =)

p/s:i'll make sure this blog is loaded with lots of photos again once i am totally free again. and i hate the unintended spacing of this post. Whats happening with blogger.

- A ''semi-slow'' shutter photo taken at the beach of Terengganu. Getting into monochromatic phorography recently. That's why it's been processed in a black and white format.

Monday, December 27

The Little Wonder - Louis Poon

I haven't really tried out a potraiture shooting before...
Untill i met my little cousins 2 weeks ago...
He's my first 'model' and i think will be the youngest ever...
And he's Louis Poon, a little baby boy who is just 14 months old...
Shooting place was at home and it was without any
lighting systems except my D90 pop-up flash...
My thoughts? Awhh...
Shooting babies are tiring, but fun!
You'll need to always make him smile and laugh...
As he also do moves here and there,
You'll need to stay low on the ground and crawl along with him...
it's was my first ever ''model shooting'',
and it's the sweetest one... =)