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Saturday, December 26

goin back again...

here comes the end of my 5 weeks holiday..
such a nice holiday!
sob sob sob~
things packed...
2mrw will be goin back to UM...

no time to waste..
nothing to lose..
but everything to gain..

i will only have approximately 4 months
to prepare for the 2nd semester exam..
8 subjects...
gona be busy like hell..
plus the result of first sem was such a terrible 1...


come on, let's just face it...! =)

sigh~~ (again)

okay... it will be fine soon.. hope so..

Sunday, December 13

-thoughts of mine-

{ i'm gona make a change,
its gona feel real good,
gona make a difference,
gona make it right }

*qouted from the song called 'man in the mirror' by micheal jackson.

p/s : will be flying to taiwan for a vacation trip with my family 2 days later...
off for one week and then back to malaysia for "university reopening"...