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Wednesday, May 27

Daily Routines SHIFTED..

It's been more than a month i returned to my home..
and it's been pretty comfortable for me..
everyday i would just do what i like..
and nobody would wake me up from bed..
spending the whole morning with friends..
such a relaxing life..
and i dont even notice its been 5 weeks..
gosh.. and wow.. how come time runs out so fast??
lol.. such a simple question, and a bit of lame..

HOWEVER.. things do change..
and this happens to my daily routine..
as i had said before this, its been so easy for me..
i did not have to worry about keeping my house clean
as i have a maid at home keeping all the housework done..

and from now on..
i do not have a maid anymore..
she's been sent back.. and this is such a bad news for me..
cz i had to become the one who take care of all
the house chores, evryday... T_T
floor sweeping, moping, cleaning the dining room, kitchen..
and.. etc......................
sigh sigh sigh.....
it's tiring, exhausting, and nothing more i can say about that...
its the days without a maid~~

no more waking up late..
no more hangging up with friends everyday..
but i must wake up earlier to complete those tasks...
so.. is this what we call a "change" in life?
maybe.. but a small one.. haha..
anyway~ i can still enjoy my holiday..^^

and still........


Thursday, May 21

Have to say this out..

There's a star, that really shines so bright upon the stage,
he is the most charismatic one..
with originality, and the widest vocal range ever!!
he is the latest top 2 finalist of american idol season 8..
oh dude.. actually..........
i am really really really a super-duper fan of him!!
because, he is just so awesome and brilliant..

well the final's result will be revealed tomorrow..
even though if he does not take the "idol" crown,
i just dont care so much about that~~
because pratically, he had already win this competition
since the begining of the show..
the result is unsure, just because it deals with voting..
anyway for me...
adam lambert isn't just an astonishing american idol,
he is>>>>>>>>>>>>
the brightest star in the whole entire universe... yea!!
go, adam!!!


I made it an overall 4.0^^

Check this out guys......
for anyone who studied in matriculation programme at past,
their 2nd end of semester result had just revealed!!
well.. i'm one of those..
this time, its sort of, calm and not so excited for me,
when i go on to check my result..
i mean, compared to the last time, i was so freakin nervous..
just dont know
maybe its been too long since my final examination..
and i've been sitting in home for a whole month..

but.. there's still some kind of, worry.. at the moment
people told me that the results had been released..
just because, before this, almost all who knows me
said i'm goin to get a 4 flat for this..
so, this is the pressure i get from the public.. haha..
well,i mean what if i dont get what they had predicted?!
the feeling will be kind of bad.. really bad if that happens..
anyway, i have to check it out......
i have to know what is going on~
so.. i just took it easy, and without hessitation,
i clicked on the "semak" button..
and good news seems to appear in front of my eyes..

i got another 4 flat, which makes it an overall 4.0 CGPA..
with no doubt, i am damn happy that time!!
but its kind of funny that time cuz,
my parents were not beside me!!
the first time i checked a crucial and important result,
without the accompany of my parents.. haha..
so, i quickly print out my result, and showed it to them...
and they were like, "wow! we are going to celebrate this!"
hm.. i have the same thought too..^^
i guess this is the real finish line i touched..
what a relief for me! yeah.....
hope i can get a good university with this result..
and finallly...........

Sunday, May 17

Good deeds done..

its yet another sunday...
but its quite a special one because i had done a very good deed..
yea.. i have been a good boy today.. lol
by helping the members of the Budhists society
to carry out the Waste Recycling programme..
wow.. sounds interesting rite... haha..
yup, i am one of those who loves our mother earth so much
although i might sound a little bit of boostfull..
well, this programme goes like this..
every month, on the third week,
everyone in Lipis will send all those recycable waste
to the "center of collection", which is at a basement parking..

besides of waiting them to bring us all the stuff,
we ourself also need to separate the trash into different catagories..
the glass, iron, paper, newspaper, cloths, plastics...
and moreover, we also have volunteers who are willing
to lend us their trucks, and help us to collect
the recycable waste by visiting the houses, one by one..
hm.. this would let us show our appreciation to them..

and finally in the middle of the day..
a man from the recycle center will come to collect all the stuff..
we sell all of them, and we made some amount of funds..
dont ever think tht these are for our own pockets.. lol..
but its for the "szu ji charity centre"..
we had keep doing these week by week..
to save the earth, and to help the needy ones..
this is what i call, killing 2 birds with one stone..
and for myself and my another fren, which is yenqin..
we done this as a part of the Buddhist Youth of malaysia..

well, i finish the job at around 11.30am++..
that is the time when i take " brunch"..
Know what i mean?
haha, its "breakfast +lunch"...
anyway.. chill~

Thursday, May 14

*another expired update, but it's worth to share*

lol.. this is gona be an expired one.. haha..
well.. its my uncle's wedding...
and its 4 days ago, means last sunday(so, this is what i call expired)..
not posting this immediately after the event??
yea.. good question.. but i'm really too tired to do that..
cuz as soon as the "GREAT" but "tiring" event ends..
i just sleep and sleep and sleep~
and now i guess.. i had gotten enough rest for that..
so.. these are what happened those times..

it's so tiring probably just because that wedding
last for about 3 days.. of course, its not only the wedding dinner..
for chinese, we have to invite our relatives to our home a day
before the wedding dinner goes on..
we will have food, its like an open house..
no matter it's morning or night , the house will be fully packed..
well just imagine..
about 20 cars parked along the road outside my house..
it's sunday morning and the passerby just keep starred at us..
i guess they are thinking..............
"eh.. today got pasar pagi meh? not saturday morning ar?"
lol.. the pasar pagi is just a distance of walk frm my house..
so, they are thinking of that la.. hehe..
of course the "open house"is not in my house,
but my grandmother's one..
but that house, is just 3 steps of walking from my house..
yea, i am not kidding.. haha..
my grandma's house, is just behind mine one..
2 bungalow located beside each other..
so.. it will be the same, and i will still experience the crowd..

everyone will have their own responsibilities during those 3 days..
some are "food providers", "waiters", "camera man", and so on..
and i am one of those most tiring one..
the "video camera man"..
carying a video camera is surely not an easy task to do.. okay..
this statement is tested and proven, by myself.. lol..
ho ho ho.. my arms, simply just ~ cramped like tht..
used up almost 3 tapes.. capturing videos in crowds..
and i am afraid some of those who watch that video will feel like
vomitting and dizzy, coz it's just so shaky~~
anyway, tht is just the best of what i can do..
so.. i had preserved those memories... yea.. such a great succes..
lol.. okay.. just kidding...

so.. the processes of the wedding are...
firstly.. the bride fetching event..
where the "brothers" of the future husband have to play games..
secondly.. the ancestors praying event..
and then..the tea drinking event...
follow by the "angpow" giving event..
and the lunch serving......
finally... the climax came at night.. which is the wedding dinner..
it was held grandly at an air-conditioned hall..
and lastly, its the time when the showdown ends..
all of us who work hard for it were totally exhausted..
anyhow.. it was a really great succes of all of us..
thx thx and thx, to everyone who gave support to it..

and for the "newly crowned" husband and wife..
we wish that they......... erm..................
"be together untill their hair turns grey"...
(translated from the chinese proverbs.. haha...)


Tuesday, May 5

not feeling to blog la... i mean these days..

haha.. just when i wana write a post on blog..
this feeling comes out.. yea.. i'm, thinking of that..
anyway.. just wana make sure tht here is up-to-date..
well.. what i've done these days??
let me see...~~~
last saturday, means 3 days ago..
i just travelled to the north..
heading to the south of penang, known as bagan serai..
for my uncle's wedding dinner..
and this week it will be another one here in lipis..
i mean.. it was quite fun when i was in penang..
al the relatives with 9 cars,
travelled all the way from lipis to there..
5 hours or maybe six..

and then... went back home the next day..
tired.. sleep at 11pm.. and wake up at about 10 am..
and now..
i still got some stuff to do..
like helping to prepare for the wedding dinner here..
and this morning just cleaned up the
weeds and tall grass beside my house..
but being a garderner is definitely not my hobby..
lol.. even my father grows plants and fruit trees..

okay.. guess those are the most recents updates..

back to enjoy life..