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Friday, August 22


Dull, empty, plain... thts what i feel..
it is just bcause my holiday is finishing!! or, considered finish..
so fast... sigh..
an appplause for it? or an ovation for it??
oh.. yea.. i enjoy it.. a nearly perfect one..
but now it is the end of my dearest holiday..
oh my oh my.. this is such a cruel thing for me...
time to get bck into the daily routine that it used to be..
matric life... hell on earth.. haha.. or maybe not..
NOW, this is absolutely corect one... bcz i tend to miss my home!!
haha... but when it gets longer, matric life is just normal for me..
haiz... what to do...
7 more months to go in matrics.. yea yea yea..
hope to 'enjoy' the terrible life there.. ya.. truly terrible.. ><

life goes on in such a way that it should be...

hope these words works for me... ^^

Thursday, August 14

> blog UpDaT3 < (lifetime sharing)

wow.... it was 2 months ago since i published my post..
so its time to update update my blog.. (even though no ppl will cum and c it) ^^
but this never happens in my matriculation life..
i mean time never pass in such a quick way when i was studying..
hm... simply just bcz, difficult times does not pass quickily.. haha...
now, itz my mid sem break, a two week one.. however 4 days had passed..
oh.. please let time pass slower now.. haiz... yea yea yea.. ==''
it is not all over yet, this is just a holiday.. okay... i accept this..
haha.. well..
nothing much to share..

itz just some pictures tht i taken from my colege..

such a beautiful sunset..(left)


another beautiful scenery tht can
be seen from my hostel.. (left)

women are not allowed here!!
haha... found in male hostel only

me under a hot sun...
wow.. sure becum dark.. haha^^

see.. matrix is such a nice place.. haha..
but i dont like it so much..
i like the environment..
but my home is simply the best for me.. ^^