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Saturday, December 26

goin back again...

here comes the end of my 5 weeks holiday..
such a nice holiday!
sob sob sob~
things packed...
2mrw will be goin back to UM...

no time to waste..
nothing to lose..
but everything to gain..

i will only have approximately 4 months
to prepare for the 2nd semester exam..
8 subjects...
gona be busy like hell..
plus the result of first sem was such a terrible 1...


come on, let's just face it...! =)

sigh~~ (again)

okay... it will be fine soon.. hope so..

Sunday, December 13

-thoughts of mine-

{ i'm gona make a change,
its gona feel real good,
gona make a difference,
gona make it right }

*qouted from the song called 'man in the mirror' by micheal jackson.

p/s : will be flying to taiwan for a vacation trip with my family 2 days later...
off for one week and then back to malaysia for "university reopening"...

Thursday, November 26

The Arena is finally in my hand..

After months of surveying and "researching"...
i've found something, which for me is worth to own...
and its the LG Arena KM900...
a touchscreen phone, with a S-class UI...
pretty nice design from lg..
and the function is really fun too..

the best part...
is the Dolby Mobile Sound Enhancement in the music player..
Such a great audio experience...!
as i'm a music lover...
this is the main reason, why i choose Arena..

this is how it looks like...

Friday, November 20

and there goes the end of the exam...

been for so patient and determinant...

and finally, the exam ends...

holiday's coming..

cant wait to have fun and enjoy it...

it would be a 5 weeks one...



Saturday, October 17

exhausted week~

gosh....... ==''
i had just been choked by those packed shcedule these days~
hope this is just gotta be a short post..
lol... cz... its almost time for me to sleep...
lets see...

on monday... i had my fluid mechanics assignment handed up...
and as one of those coordinators..
i finished organise my PESTA TANGLUNG of second colege..
it was a succesfull 1... but.. gosh..
it reli was tiring.....
we have some performance...
some games and the most important is the lantern parade..
had fun around the varsity lake of UM...
so.. thanks everyone for their support in this event!!
appreciate a lot...

The coordinators of Pesta Tanglung 2009 (second colege) and senior coordinators..
and then on teusday...
busy days still continue....
i had a meeting with 大摇 event organising commitee...
and preparation for wednesday's calculus test needed to be done...

the next day...
it doesnt end when the exam was over...
cz at night i was been involved in a rehersal for a song writing competition..
and its called 马大校园华语歌曲创作比赛 (校创)
stucked up in the auditorium untill about 12am midnight...
but the rehersal was fun for me...
lol.. cz i manage to try on some music instrument that i never touched before..
my favourite.... the DRUM SET!! =)
a whole set of intrument was there cz it will be a life band performance...

and it was thursday again...
the day of 校创....
i rushed here and that night....
but.... did manage to listen to some nice composing of songs..
and the band performance was amazing...
hope can perform in a band one day... lol...
but what was most important during that night is...
i met with three famous local music producers...
wow~ such a nice opportunity...
cz i'm the video camera man in a small interview with them...
yea... they were the judges of this competition..
and i did manage to share something about music from them..
good experience for me as i love music... =)

from left... 陈彦辉老师,me,and 管起源老师。。。

and finally its today... i finished busyin all those events that i 'm been involved... and its time for me to take a rest..busy huh?? involving in THREE events in one what a nice adventure for me... gosh.. not again... its tiring!!

well is it a released for me now? not the final exam is just two weeks to go!!! and 2morw... i still have a final thing to do...i gotta go to a marketing drive for the 大摇 concert...

so... i gona go to sleep now!!!

gosh... i said its gona be short but its 3.30am now!! wow~

anyway... thats all for now.. =)


Sunday, September 27

~little updates~

hello world~ i'm here again..
perhaps its been more than 2 weeks i didn't
make my blog up-to-date~~
so..... what's happening these days??
nid a little bit of time to really recall all those things back..
cuz... my mind is just... UNORGANISED.. lol.

well.. i just had the mid-term exams for the first time in UM..
no doubt... its a hard try for me.. a hard one..
firstly its just because i didn't understand
what those lecturers are "lecturing".. =='' pity huh..
and secondly.. i spent too much time on other activities...
don't blame... i choosed to get involved with them..
and tht's why... many tutorials are not completed..
gosh~ this is the messiest way of studying that i ever had in my life!
not even get it systematic everytime...
and so the results were poor..... as expected... sigh~

and then it was my 1 week of holidays since last friday..
it all happen to be the same each time when holidays come..
lol.. enjoy sleeping a lot at home.. didn't do much homeworks...
but at least... i manage to spent some time with my family..
and friends too..
sigh.. i like the feelings during the holidays..
nothing to worry and care about..
just..... lay down on my back... and relax...

but fact is still fact.. time flies..
today.. its sunday, and its the end of my holidays already..
2morw... classes will be starting.. as well as busy lifes too..
final exams... gosh..
it wont be too long from now... sigh..
what to do?? do what i can..
well... i just have to enjoy my life...
and live my life to the fullest~

guess that's all for now.. =)


p/s : mooncake festival is coming soon.. best regards to all of you.. ;)

Thursday, September 10

when there's nothing much i could say...

its been almost a month.. yea.. a month..
this blog haven't been updated by any new post..
simply just because.. i am too busy to do that...
and... i'm just too tired..

its such a hot afternoon now...
with my throat, suffered in pain...
and i'm having cough too..
maybe... i'd been pushing myself too hard..
sleep lately, and wasting my energy excessively...
and in the end...
i'm been drowned in tiredness...

now.. whats in my life??
am i really that....... busy? exhausted?
and also tests...
plus been involved in organising activities...
these... are what that 'seasons' my current life..

feels like wana vommit sometimes...
feels like been fed-up by all these in my life..
feels like.... i'm been surrounded by a dull and grayish world..
feels like been paused and stucked in the middle of the way..
feel empty.....

gosh... i dont even have my own space right now..
to do what i like and what i want...
i just hope all these will be over in just a short while..

these days...
i'm just listening to some repeating same questions....
"what are u busying? are u realy that busy??"
there's actually nothing much i could really say...
there's just too much to say
and i dont know where to start......
i would just..... nod.....

just hope that the time when i can rest my mind and soul
will come....
as fast... as i hope....


Monday, August 17

My eyes need spectacles... already...

i've just gotton a new look.. since... today..
lol.. cuz i'm having a pair of glasses now..
hm.. actually, its been about 2 years already i see things kinda blur..
but it seems to be worsen a little bit, recently...
i mean i couldn't really read all those words on the slides during lectures..
so... decided to make myself a pair of spectacles...

here is how it looks....................>>>>>

quite happy with the frame and lenses..
cuz it does not cost too much.. haha..
yea.. around RM150...
so... i'm having a clear sight now.. lolx..

Saturday, August 15

Recaps of the past 2 weeks...

mid-sem break is here for me.. at home now.. ^^
well.. its been already 2 weeks i din upload any post here..
lots of things just keep on happening around me..
time is usually been fully occupied everyday..
and sometimes.. 24 hours is even insufficient for me.. lolx..
time flies.. gosh..

i'm getting a little bit of imbalance these days..
hangging up in the BBG (study room) untill 4am or 5am in the morning..
haha.. isnt that crazy? yea.. i think so sometimes..
doing some homework, reports, and more important - chatting.. lolx..
goin to the mamak stalls had also been a habbit for us..
and now we are better known as the members of "3am BBG club"..==''
wern yet (the pengerusi.. lolx^^), han leong, ah chua, wei xiang, and me..
are the ones who're the most active members of that club..
sigh.. i think this club should be proposed during the MPP la.. XP..
well someone else is crazier than me, in fact..
they can be at there untill 9am..@@
sleep for not even 3 hours a day..
then.. will go for class... lol....
and that the reason why... i fell asleep during the class..
and now i'm thinking of adjusting myself to "normal mode" again..
so.. will use this mid-sem break to recharge myself.. haha..
and now.. its time to recap some of the most important events happen around me..
Firstly.. it was on last wednesday...
went to mid-valley for a movie..
which had been on the screen for 6 around weeks.. transformer 2..
hey hey hey.. don't say that i'm so slow and left behind..
cuz it'll be special if u watch it just before it stop screening.. right? lolx..
and i was alone.. but people simply just don't belive..@@
people say it is kinda strange to go for a movie alone..
but it's already not the first time i did that..
in fact.. i usually did that.. haha..
anyway...... transformer is really really a good movie to watch.. salutes...

GSC Mid-valley.....

And it was thursday again....
i joined some friends to the the pasar malam at SS2..
and went to Murni, a famous reataurant with a wide range of special foods..
the tables are been arranged not just in front of the shop,
but along the whole street!!! just imagine how popular is that place..
manage to have some realy special food there.. delicious..
did have fun and enjoyed very much................ ^^

* Nasi goreng Napoleon, one of the most recomended menu at Murni...*

*posing to take a photo entittled - Desperation.. lolx..*

(from left - weixiang, chua, me, and qi yi)

Then.. Friday came...
i went to a gathering with some old frens at Sunway..
ops.. we're not "old".. lol..
but we're all batch mates.. since.... primary school..
or some even since kindergarten...
that's what i called 'old' frens.. haha..
and they're - ahtang, yenling, ah loon, jeriel, and me..
we had a nice dinner at "Yuan" , a steamboat reataurant..
where everyone have to stand and wait..
before they can get an empty table.. lolx..
went to a mamak stall to chat untill late night after that..

*table is full of plates and foods... ^^*

And recently, last wednesday...
its the convocation of UM... did went to the DTC to support my seniors...
this is the first time i see a real convocation..
woah... such a crowded place at DTC............
anyway... as everyone is having fun at there..
its really an enjoyable one too.. ^^

*Our Banner - 2nd colege...*

*such a crowd... @@*

*even cars move slow...*

Finally now.. its my middle of semester.....
although its a holiday.. but it will be my exam after this..><

anyway... life still goes on... so.....

just chill~ ^^

Friday, July 31


itz been more than a month in UM..
and the life..
hoho.. its realy busy..
busy with homeworks, reports and tutorials..
plus.. dozens of activities waiting for us...
hm.. guess nid to start arrange my time edi..
recently just finish organising a "senior freshie night"..
quite a sucess one..
and did perform on stage with my acoustic guitar..
singing "beautiful" by damien leith..
lol.. its my first time..
so i dont think i gave the best that nite..
anyway.. just brought my guitar back home..
cz there's reli no space in my room.. ><
of course i am at home right now..
and.. not feeling to talk much today..
gotta stop here..


Tuesday, July 14

just a little bit..

well.. quite busy these
but.. its still quite enjoyable..
so.. here is just a little bit of my updates..

its been... about 3 weeks..since i entered UM..
lots of things and events have happened..

first is the orientation week.. ==''
hm.. what to say about that is..
it had got its good and bad sides..
bad side - have to sit down on the hard floor to listen to talks..
gosh.. kinda pain on my buds..
cuz the talks usually take hours to finish..
and moreover... we have to wear face mask throughout the week!!
==''.. i felt like i'm drowning in the water..
cuz the mask we wear are those big ones.. called N95 model..
even though it had got a higher protection.. but belive me..
sometimes.. wearing it is kinda suffering.. >< lol..
but what to do.. H1N1 virus is threatening our safety and lifes..

well.. forget about those bad ones in the orientation week..
the good ones-
in short, the facilitators are extremely friendly..
the cheers activity is really fun..
and the gathering of all the new Mahasiswa in the
grand hall of DTC is fantastic..

so.... after the first week ended..
lecture weeks start...
and the situation we face is just as expected..
we are so blur and direction-less@@!!
we don't know what we should do or must do in
every next steps.. ==''
sort of confused sometimes.. about the time tables..
gosh even now my timetable is not constantly fixed
i guess.. this is what every new students experience..
but.. its really tiring.. when u need to run here and there
to find out the 'truth'..

just we were happy about the end of the orientation week..
the 'nightmares' actually did'nt end yet..
there are faculty's orientation, chinese community orientation,
and even the residential colege's orientation..
oh my.. why are these supposed to have?
now, i have to get over hundreds of signiture..
a way to know the seniors they told us..==''
and i guess, its quite a mission impossible to me..
cz i nid to go bck home this weekend to attend my uncle's wedding dinner..

lastly.. all of us in UM discovered one thing..lolx..
a quite popular cliché from the lecturers...
which is:
'in university, there is no spoon feeding, u need to find out
ALL the things yourself, as we treat u as an adult'..

i guess this is the reason why we get fed-up sometimes in asking things...
haha.. anyway...........

just chill`

Saturday, June 27

All packed and ready to go...

Holidays ends... ><
mixed feelings rush into my mind..
getting a place to study at UM is a joy for me..
leaving home and holiday lifes is however desperate for me..
gosh... y all of these are been mixed up??
in fact they are not [homogenous mixture]..
but a [heterogeneous] one..

sort of suffering.. kinda ironic..
i have lots of words to say..
but, it seems like i would prefer keep it in myself..
lol.. i'm quite complicated now right?
yea.. feelings do complicates... sometimes..

well well well..
yyc..!! lets get back on track.......
i've got all my things packed..
and i m ready to go..
here i come UM..
as a lot of my friends would say this..
good luck to all of you too..
last word..

p/s: have to worry about the outbreak of H1N1 Virus... cuz i will be at PJ, which is an area "containminated" with the disease.. nid to wear protective mask? this remain as a question mark... ==''...

Saturday, June 20

I got my First Choice..

after a month of waiting..
the results of Local University placing is been released..
for me.. the result is absolutely a perfect one..^^
cuz i get the first choice in my application list...
which is to study at Universiti Malaya..
in Mechanical Engineering..
so.. i'm quite happy with that..

before this, i am sort of worried that i couldnt get what i want..
and actually, there is another story behind this..
well, i got an offer from USM at Penang
before others university's result is been announced..
u will know the result of USM earlier cuz
they had been upgraded to an APEX university..
despite of getting tht offer,
i rejected it.. a decision which is quite tough for me to make..
i did consult my fren wheter rejecting it would affect
the result at the UPU or not..
however, it actually will not have
effect as USM stood independently itself..
i rejected it cuz, if USM was to be applied together
with all the other universities,
it would not be my first choice..
it might be a 4th or 5th one..
now, i got a 4flat in my matriculation..
so, i am hoping to get my first choice..

and in the end..
i got UM, my first choice...
yea.. such a relief for me..

evrything is settled down..
however i have to start busy again.. ><
for all those preparation to UM..
oh gosh....................
too much of things to do.. lol..

Sunday, June 14

new stuff for me..^^

well well well..
this is the first post of june..
and the first post i typed by using my new HP pavilion laptop..
lol.. i'm gona say its quite adorable for me..^^
powered by 1GB of dedicated ATI Radeon Graphics Card..
and also a Core 2 duo 2.53Ghz processor..
with 500GB of hardisk space and 4GB of DDR3 Ram..
plus 16 inch of widescreen..
gosh, there is no way i can hate it!!

in other words.. i'm loving it!!^^

Wednesday, May 27

Daily Routines SHIFTED..

It's been more than a month i returned to my home..
and it's been pretty comfortable for me..
everyday i would just do what i like..
and nobody would wake me up from bed..
spending the whole morning with friends..
such a relaxing life..
and i dont even notice its been 5 weeks..
gosh.. and wow.. how come time runs out so fast??
lol.. such a simple question, and a bit of lame..

HOWEVER.. things do change..
and this happens to my daily routine..
as i had said before this, its been so easy for me..
i did not have to worry about keeping my house clean
as i have a maid at home keeping all the housework done..

and from now on..
i do not have a maid anymore..
she's been sent back.. and this is such a bad news for me..
cz i had to become the one who take care of all
the house chores, evryday... T_T
floor sweeping, moping, cleaning the dining room, kitchen..
and.. etc......................
sigh sigh sigh.....
it's tiring, exhausting, and nothing more i can say about that...
its the days without a maid~~

no more waking up late..
no more hangging up with friends everyday..
but i must wake up earlier to complete those tasks...
so.. is this what we call a "change" in life?
maybe.. but a small one.. haha..
anyway~ i can still enjoy my holiday..^^

and still........


Thursday, May 21

Have to say this out..

There's a star, that really shines so bright upon the stage,
he is the most charismatic one..
with originality, and the widest vocal range ever!!
he is the latest top 2 finalist of american idol season 8..
oh dude.. actually..........
i am really really really a super-duper fan of him!!
because, he is just so awesome and brilliant..

well the final's result will be revealed tomorrow..
even though if he does not take the "idol" crown,
i just dont care so much about that~~
because pratically, he had already win this competition
since the begining of the show..
the result is unsure, just because it deals with voting..
anyway for me...
adam lambert isn't just an astonishing american idol,
he is>>>>>>>>>>>>
the brightest star in the whole entire universe... yea!!
go, adam!!!


I made it an overall 4.0^^

Check this out guys......
for anyone who studied in matriculation programme at past,
their 2nd end of semester result had just revealed!!
well.. i'm one of those..
this time, its sort of, calm and not so excited for me,
when i go on to check my result..
i mean, compared to the last time, i was so freakin nervous..
just dont know
maybe its been too long since my final examination..
and i've been sitting in home for a whole month..

but.. there's still some kind of, worry.. at the moment
people told me that the results had been released..
just because, before this, almost all who knows me
said i'm goin to get a 4 flat for this..
so, this is the pressure i get from the public.. haha..
well,i mean what if i dont get what they had predicted?!
the feeling will be kind of bad.. really bad if that happens..
anyway, i have to check it out......
i have to know what is going on~
so.. i just took it easy, and without hessitation,
i clicked on the "semak" button..
and good news seems to appear in front of my eyes..

i got another 4 flat, which makes it an overall 4.0 CGPA..
with no doubt, i am damn happy that time!!
but its kind of funny that time cuz,
my parents were not beside me!!
the first time i checked a crucial and important result,
without the accompany of my parents.. haha..
so, i quickly print out my result, and showed it to them...
and they were like, "wow! we are going to celebrate this!"
hm.. i have the same thought too..^^
i guess this is the real finish line i touched..
what a relief for me! yeah.....
hope i can get a good university with this result..
and finallly...........

Sunday, May 17

Good deeds done..

its yet another sunday...
but its quite a special one because i had done a very good deed..
yea.. i have been a good boy today.. lol
by helping the members of the Budhists society
to carry out the Waste Recycling programme..
wow.. sounds interesting rite... haha..
yup, i am one of those who loves our mother earth so much
although i might sound a little bit of boostfull..
well, this programme goes like this..
every month, on the third week,
everyone in Lipis will send all those recycable waste
to the "center of collection", which is at a basement parking..

besides of waiting them to bring us all the stuff,
we ourself also need to separate the trash into different catagories..
the glass, iron, paper, newspaper, cloths, plastics...
and moreover, we also have volunteers who are willing
to lend us their trucks, and help us to collect
the recycable waste by visiting the houses, one by one..
hm.. this would let us show our appreciation to them..

and finally in the middle of the day..
a man from the recycle center will come to collect all the stuff..
we sell all of them, and we made some amount of funds..
dont ever think tht these are for our own pockets.. lol..
but its for the "szu ji charity centre"..
we had keep doing these week by week..
to save the earth, and to help the needy ones..
this is what i call, killing 2 birds with one stone..
and for myself and my another fren, which is yenqin..
we done this as a part of the Buddhist Youth of malaysia..

well, i finish the job at around 11.30am++..
that is the time when i take " brunch"..
Know what i mean?
haha, its "breakfast +lunch"...
anyway.. chill~

Thursday, May 14

*another expired update, but it's worth to share*

lol.. this is gona be an expired one.. haha..
well.. its my uncle's wedding...
and its 4 days ago, means last sunday(so, this is what i call expired)..
not posting this immediately after the event??
yea.. good question.. but i'm really too tired to do that..
cuz as soon as the "GREAT" but "tiring" event ends..
i just sleep and sleep and sleep~
and now i guess.. i had gotten enough rest for that..
so.. these are what happened those times..

it's so tiring probably just because that wedding
last for about 3 days.. of course, its not only the wedding dinner..
for chinese, we have to invite our relatives to our home a day
before the wedding dinner goes on..
we will have food, its like an open house..
no matter it's morning or night , the house will be fully packed..
well just imagine..
about 20 cars parked along the road outside my house..
it's sunday morning and the passerby just keep starred at us..
i guess they are thinking..............
"eh.. today got pasar pagi meh? not saturday morning ar?"
lol.. the pasar pagi is just a distance of walk frm my house..
so, they are thinking of that la.. hehe..
of course the "open house"is not in my house,
but my grandmother's one..
but that house, is just 3 steps of walking from my house..
yea, i am not kidding.. haha..
my grandma's house, is just behind mine one..
2 bungalow located beside each other..
so.. it will be the same, and i will still experience the crowd..

everyone will have their own responsibilities during those 3 days..
some are "food providers", "waiters", "camera man", and so on..
and i am one of those most tiring one..
the "video camera man"..
carying a video camera is surely not an easy task to do.. okay..
this statement is tested and proven, by myself.. lol..
ho ho ho.. my arms, simply just ~ cramped like tht..
used up almost 3 tapes.. capturing videos in crowds..
and i am afraid some of those who watch that video will feel like
vomitting and dizzy, coz it's just so shaky~~
anyway, tht is just the best of what i can do..
so.. i had preserved those memories... yea.. such a great succes..
lol.. okay.. just kidding...

so.. the processes of the wedding are...
firstly.. the bride fetching event..
where the "brothers" of the future husband have to play games..
secondly.. the ancestors praying event..
and then..the tea drinking event...
follow by the "angpow" giving event..
and the lunch serving......
finally... the climax came at night.. which is the wedding dinner..
it was held grandly at an air-conditioned hall..
and lastly, its the time when the showdown ends..
all of us who work hard for it were totally exhausted..
anyhow.. it was a really great succes of all of us..
thx thx and thx, to everyone who gave support to it..

and for the "newly crowned" husband and wife..
we wish that they......... erm..................
"be together untill their hair turns grey"...
(translated from the chinese proverbs.. haha...)


Tuesday, May 5

not feeling to blog la... i mean these days..

haha.. just when i wana write a post on blog..
this feeling comes out.. yea.. i'm, thinking of that..
anyway.. just wana make sure tht here is up-to-date..
well.. what i've done these days??
let me see...~~~
last saturday, means 3 days ago..
i just travelled to the north..
heading to the south of penang, known as bagan serai..
for my uncle's wedding dinner..
and this week it will be another one here in lipis..
i mean.. it was quite fun when i was in penang..
al the relatives with 9 cars,
travelled all the way from lipis to there..
5 hours or maybe six..

and then... went back home the next day..
tired.. sleep at 11pm.. and wake up at about 10 am..
and now..
i still got some stuff to do..
like helping to prepare for the wedding dinner here..
and this morning just cleaned up the
weeds and tall grass beside my house..
but being a garderner is definitely not my hobby..
lol.. even my father grows plants and fruit trees..

okay.. guess those are the most recents updates..

back to enjoy life..


Wednesday, April 29

**during the HOT days**

well.. sigh.. these days were really hot..
wonder why malaysia is like 365 days of summer..
summer is good.. but not too much.. ><
coz i have been drowning in my sweats due to this..
wana save electricity, but forced to use air-cond..
haha.. feel strange tht i should have use it for everyday??
nope.. my house is surrounded my trees..
so it usually is quite cooling, but it's just so HOT now..
about 35 - 37 degree celcius as reported on the newspaper..

ok... just forget about the heat wave..
almost 2 weeks back home..
hm.. feel so free.. so comfortable..
coz there's no homework or stress..
even though it is hot.. lol..
finally managed to follow up the most current songs..
coz its been so long since i listen to them last time..
and is currently watching the most popular
reality show in the USA - American Idol..
and yes, i am the biggest fan of ADAM LAMBERT!!!
yeah.. he was the most amazing one..
loves the songs he sings
- "mad world" and " if i cant have you"
hope he will be in the finals..
he's currently the top 5.. ^^

and.. was getting to be busy for a preparation of my
uncle's wedding.. hm.. everybody is busy now..
so.. this weekend will be going to penang..
to attend a wedding dinner served by my uncle's wife..
and the following week..
will be the great wedding dinner in here...
cant imagine how grand it will be..
coz there will be almost 67 tables of guests during the dinner..
and 67 tables is equal to 670 people..
wow.. almost 700.. 0o0..
it will sure fill up the whole big hall..

just went to KL 3 days ago..
went there for what? lol.. it's still for the wedding..
my sis and my cousin sister..
wana find nice outfits for the wedding dinner..
for me.. this is not my purpose actually.. just wana go for a walk..
so we just go there to shop for a whole day..
after its all done,
i find out shopping is actually a really good exercise..
but i'd like to consider it as a "extreme workout"..
coz my legs were just like breaking apart from me..
and my whole body is so exhausted.. ><
and pain is everywhere when i went home..
however.. quite fun of it.. ^^
and i also did buy a new outfit for myself..

well.. i guess this is one long post i've written..
so.. just gona stop here today..
continue to have fun..


Monday, April 20

The Climb had finally come to an end..

well.. lets give an arrogant laugh.. wakaka..
lol.. okay.. on top of the world now..
so happy.. so proud of my self that..
finally.. the struggles i faced ended..
the PSPM finals..
and the studies in Matriculation colege too..
this is the moment tht i've been waiting for..
it was like.. oh..
putting down a huge stone..
that u've held it for so long..
so.. let me get some true fresh air out of that sucking place..
oh.. haha.. i mean the colege..
and... this will be a real big and long holiday for me..
hope can realy enjoy it..
nope.. definitely will be an enjoyable one..

after been UNLEASHED..
haha.. gona be wild..
do just what i wish to..
do just what i like to..

and to all my previous friends at the colege..
good luck to everything in future..
so long.. but here comes goodbye..
anyhow.. all da best..

as one big chapter in my life ends..
here start a new ones..
but all i have to do is just enjoy..
all da best for myself too..


Tuesday, March 31

Storm is Brewing..

31 march 2009; 1.00pm; at matriculation colege..

Well.. Something bad is just going to happen..
i mean.. the exam.. its getting closer..><
cant be ignored.. cant be stopped..
but.. these days is just.. damned bored..
i went back to the days in the first final exam..
it was during the last semester..
everyday.. wake up,study,eat,sleep.. ><
hm.. anyway, it will be only 13days away from now..
so i guess.. i'm gona be be patient.. and..
i'm just gona go through this with full
yea.. full throttle..

in another side..
the atmosphere of exam at here just start to brew..
everyone is like.. u noe.. no time to lose..
and i'm writting this post here.. ==''..
haha.. just wana update the latest status at here..
and also.. many of them had sad feelings..
because they are going to leave here..
haha.. i dont even had that type of feeling..
the only thing that i think.. is just that..
wow.. i am going home!! yeah.. and its awesome..
so exited about this.... cant wait..
hm.. maybe just because... for me..
this is not the place that i can find enjoyments..
and.. i am happy that.. i finally did this..
i finally manage to finish it up.. with full "clean record".. ^^
hope my effort can later brings me good returns..

nothing much to say.. ><..
coz.. the "storm" of exam.. is just brewing..
so.. lets be prepared for this catastrophic disaster.. lol..
well.. keep the finger cross..
and go blast off for the exam..
good luck everyone..


Tuesday, March 17

3 weeks to go...

whoa.. a whole month din update my blog.. ><
a lot of things did happened these days..
but.. i din remember them.. lol..
and i did went home once early in the month..
but final exam's just around the corner..
around 3 weeks ++ to go.. gosh...
i'm speechless about this.. ><
nothing could be done other than study..
struggle.. work hard.. strive and strive..
oh.. i was thinking when will these days end...
hope it will be soon..
cz its quite torchering..
but.. there was a greater hope in me..
hope that.. i can realy score a 4 flat in this final exam...

sigh.. the exam's schedule had just gone out..
the 2nd day is a hell for us..
it will be 2 paper 2, maths and physics..
damn... wonder y it is been arranged like that..
what to do.. after the exam.. i will be free..
real free.. freedom..........................................
its the time when i finish my whole course in matriculation colege..
and thats nice.. but still have to strugle first.. ><

gambateh......... yyc.... XP

Monday, February 16

Results Revealed...


Today is monday...
today is a sunny day..
quite a hot one..
but there is another "meaning" for today..
well.. my results for the last UPS examination
is just being released today..
this time.. it wasnt a paradise for me.. ><
but.. this is as expected... so...
expectations had cut out my disapointment....
i got As for physics, chemistry, and english..
however a B- for mathematics..
quite a lot of questions.. tht i couldnt solve..
so thts how the result should be, i think..
thats y, i guess this time..
its time for me to workout for my mathematics..
to avoid the same thing tht happen now,
during the final exam, which is more crucial..
well... i will have 2 more months' time to prepare..
hope can do my best..


Saturday, February 7

Leave Without Saying Goodbye...

7th february 2008, 1.06 am; at home sweet home...

Once i thought we could fly,
Together high up in the sky;
Today the rain falls,
On me I let the rain pour;
Freezing coldness rushes into my deep heart's core,
A pain that I'd never experienced before;
But no one would know,
My soul is sorrow...

When time goes by,
I still don't understand your lie;
For me it wasn't too right,
As u risk it for our life;
So i did cry,
For a whole night;
The night that you wasn't by my side,
The night that you leave without saying goodbye...

Saturday, January 31

NO mood...

31 january 2009; 11.12pm; at home sweet home
as expected.... ><
happy times passes by so quickly..
oh... the CNY ends.. just like that..
it was cool.. awesome...
i dont think i will forget about it..
but the celebration last only for 5 days..
my relatives went back to their hometown..
my friends also leave this place after CNY..
again, kuala lipis returns to its quiet atmosphere..
and i.. feeling sort of... strange.. maybe.. lol..
cause all fun just end so "suddenly"...
and i feel like being "abandoned"...
argh.. i miss those CNY days.. ><
but time wouldnt come back.. T_T
and my 2 weeks holidays also finished..
have to go back to colege tomorrow..
restart the horrible life there..
seems like my life would be colourless
untill i finished my studies in april...
means its 2 months to go..lolz...

hm...some sort of struggling..
bcz i am still in the mood of CNY..
but alone in the mood of CNY???
cz there are no relatives at home now..
and i have to go bck to the colege tomorrow..
this is some kind of mind torture.. u noe.....
i wish i can just scream like that..



Wednesday, January 14


14 january 2008; 9.37am; at matriculation colege...

sigh... feel destressed and relaxed.. lol.. cz..
the mid-term examination (UPS) had just over..
hm.. over is over.. nothing more than that..
this time.. i consider myself as 'quite ok'..
haha.. somwhow.. i sure did left some questions
unsolved during the exam.. common..
well, cause duno how to solve it.. ><
anyway as 'over is over', lets dont
care so much about it now.. lol..
effort had been put on... so, its ok..

AND!!! one thing.. starting this friday,
i am going to have a 2 weeks holidays.. yahoo!!
yea.. time to get myself unleashed!!! lol..
hm.. thinking of getting some rest at home..^^
but its not tht possible now.. hah..
u noe y??
cz i gona help my parents in the preparations
for the cuming CHINESE NEW YEAR...
whoa.. looks like it gona be busy at home..
however for me, its fun to help to
prepare for the GRAND FESTIVAL.. ^^u noe..
the mood of CNY is just right in my heart now..
so.. just wana have fun when go back home!!
oh.. just two more days then i can go home..
and wish to have the ability to teleport..^^
forget about tht.. lets have a fun journey
of going back home^^ haha..

there are good things at home this time..
firstly.. i GOT my NEW LEEHOM ALBUM..
ar!! gona get crazy of that.. ^^
and then, i will soonly get my new GUITAR...
oh my.. also will get crazy of that..
haha.. just fell in love with guitar recently..
and then i will go KL for a walk..
maybe to look for some new clothes for CNY..
and there will be lots of food at home..
lol.. wish those food will not finish before CNY.. lol^^

well.. i guess thats all for today..


Wednesday, January 7

Say Hello TO 2009...

7th january 2009; at matriculation colege; 1.49pm
haha.. another record...
almost 1 month didn't update my blog..
T_T.. just not tht free and dun have the mood..
well.. recently i am just as busy as usual..
the mid-term examination is just coming soon..
it will be on next week...
but.. luckily after that ,
i will have a 2 weeks holidays..
this means i will have holidays untill the Chinese New Year..
yea yea yea.. yet another good news for me..
lol.. guess i will enjoy that time.. chill~~^^
argh...!!! 9 more days to go..
then i can go home to enjoy my holiday..
and to celebrate CNY...~~~~~~
hey.. i am just getting more and more exited now..
cant wait for the holiday to come..
cant wait for the most amazing "NIU" (cow) Year!!
oh.. at here i just couldnt listen to any
CNY songs.. cant feel the atmosphere..
but i am sure when i go back.. yeah..
my ears will be full of CNY songs.. lol..^^
the foods, my relatives, the sound of laughter,
friends, family, and angpows.. haha..
all are those elements of CNY..
its cuming.. its cuming...

and yet.. ^^, before CNY,
and before i forget, haha..
i would like to say hello to year 2009.. ^^
happy 2009, everyone..
best of luck, and wishes come true..
gambateh in 2009...!!!

p/s : waiting CNY to come...^^