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Tuesday, November 11

>A Start with Pain<

11/11/2008;12.55pm;at matriculation colege..
All right.. My 2nd semester in matriculation,
had just started yesterday..
yea.. quite fast.. about 6 months passed by..
kind of happy about this.. 5 more months to go..
however...yesterday morning..
i guess i just have a little bit of bad luck..
hm.. it was morning..
i think i just have to start this new semester in a good way..
but.. when i walk down of a strair...
i sliped down, and sprain my ankle..
oh gosh.. it was so painful!!!
i just cant move at all.. stopped there..
so embarrassing too.. >< everybody is passing by..
luckily i met some friends, they help me to get up..
soon, my pain was gone.. i thought my ankle will be fine..
but, things does not turned up as i imagined..
after an hour, my ankle reli injured.. i feel the real pain..
my leg is sort of 'expanded'.. haha.. it swells up..
at night, i apply a bag of ice at the ankle to make it fell beter..
well, today.. its 'ok' already..
the swelling part start to dissapear..
hope to be 'as gud as new' as soon as possible..^^

Wednesday, November 5

> Light and Easy <

5 November 2008; 1:46am ; at home sweet home..
After 1 week of struggling and drowning because of exam..
i am Freedom now... hahaha.. Independence day had come..
yea.. that kind of feeling is just.. so good...
hm.. put down stones in my heart..
no worries, no pressures...
light and easy...

i finished my final semester examination, last friday..
thats y my blog had been abandoned for such a long time..
there are only books in my head that time..
oh.. u cant just imagine that type of atmosphere..
everyone is studying..
no other activities, except having meal and sleeping..
in a day....................... >>>
book is the first thing that i see when i open my eye..
it is also the last thing that i see, before i sleep..
but.. oh gosh.. some people are just too annoying..
mann.. they are reading even when eating on the table!!
some just dont eat coz they treat books as their foods..=.=''
i mean, this cant be too overwhelming u noe.. oh.. ><
c.. ya.. i noe studying is our responsibility..
but.. over-study can realy cost you a big problem..
for me.. i am not that type of person.. it is just.. disgusting..
well, for me!! i will work very hard during exam times..
but, not too over.. for a certain level, i need rest..
i did work very hard this time, i noe.. coz i was a SPM student too..
i plan my day well.. when it is time to study, i study..
when it is time to rest, i rest...
cummon.. even machines need rest, dont u think human also??
haha.. mayb, thts my style, a style tht u rarely can find in matrics..

well.. about this exam, i am satisfied with what i have done..
i knew i worked well on it.. for me, it is a mission accomplished..
what i have to do now, is hope for the best.. yea..^^

just as soon as i finished my exam..
i straightly go back to my home sweet home..
hey.. its been a month i din come home..
i am damn damn damn happy this time!!!^^
home is reli a place, tht i can realy enjoy..
haha.. i am truly a homeboy..

i m having a sweet holiday now..
and it marks the begining of a new semester too..
but who cares now?
lets enjoy first.... ^^