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Monday, December 15

Santa Claus is Coming To Town..

15th december 2008; 1.01pm; at matriculation colege...
The time passes slowly..
that's what i feel these days...
it was boring.. dull.. it was just nothing.. ><
sigh... sometimes it just stops there..
or.. maybe i was been fed up by the life here... lol..
wake up in the morning.. studying...
take a nap in the evening..
doing homeworks at night.. then sleep..
gosh.. these days even have a lot of extra class..
>< damn.. wondering why.. it will be 4 times..
and all of them are the extra class of mathematics..
because the lecturer wants to rush..
frankly... i wouldnt understand what is she teaching sometimes..
she was just too fast.. =='' argh...
tonight will have another one.. ><.. pity me..
kinda wana vommit... XO...

but something good is to be arrived.. hahaha..
it is the christmas.. yeah yeah yeah..
i will have 5 days of holidays that time..
and i am going to meet my friends at KL
for the countdown during the christmas eve..
oh my.. it is going to be a fun event!!!
beautiful decorations, busy streets, and the crazy crowds..
i cant wait dy... !!!! >< so excited... hahahahahahaha...
after the countdown, i will go to penang to meet my family
who are having a vacation there..
oh.. another cool adventure...
penang will have plenty of foods... ^^
and my uncle is just going to pay the bill for anything that i wana eat..
hey JIU(uncle).. i was just kidding.. haha..
c... it will be so fun... again, i can't wait dy!!!
i just wish that time can pass faster... lol.. ^^

well.. it will not be too long from now.. haha..
so.. just have to wait for 1 more week..
this week.. hm... is yet another busy week..
cz there is a class replacement on saturday..
but nevermind..
hehe.. as i did mention good times is coming soon..

waiting christmas to come..................
miss my family, my home, and my friends... ^^

Thursday, December 4

** it's all over and it's a FLAT **

4th december 2008; 11.30am; at matriculation colege
It's good news for me.. lol..
The PSPM (matriculation end of semester examination) result,
which i'd waited for a long time had been released, finally...
well..^^ as it's a good news... hohoho....
I GOT 4 FLAT!! which means 4.00 of CGPS in the examination..
and its a perfect result as i scored As for every of my subjects..
yea.. i am defitnitely quite happy and proud of it..^^
especially when recieving the result certificate..
that time, i was like telling myself... ya i got it!!
i was been flooded in happiness.. lol..
cz its another mission accomplished for me..^^
and my hard work had been paid back..
thts the aim of every students who wants to get
a good place in universities in future..
now, its time for me to mantain this result
untill the next semester to get an overall 4.00.. ^^

however, i did realised something.. ya..
perhaps 4 flat is just very common in matriculation colege..
there are just a lot of them who had the same result as me..
lol.. a lot realy means a lot.. u noe what i mean..
cz i duno the real number of that..^^
ya.. quite common.. maybe because of the system
of the matriculation which is 'quite different"..
so.. after been happy for a while..
i think that 4 flat is not that 'special' anymore.. hehe..
but i did expected this before entering matrics..
cz there are already so many examples..
so, the thing that realy matter is,
does this '4 flat' is a real solid one, or just a 'fake' one..

hm.. think of myself..
i did put effort into it..
i did work hard on it..
i did made sacrifice on it..
and i absolutely made a strong aim on it..
so... for me.. i had no doubt that...
i got a SOLID one.. ^^

so, although 4 flat is common..
i still feel proud of myself..
cz i really feel that this result is my effort.. ^^
i get for what i've done..

so, i would like to say this to myself...
"Congratulation! U did it!!"

Monday, December 1

When November ends.....

1st december 2008; 3.15pm; at matriculation colege
its december...
Well well well...
i guess i gona say sory for my blog.. ><
bcz its been so long that i didn't update it..
no new post.. no new features.. hm..
and its going to rust.. rust.. and becoming dusty..
but i wouldn't let this happen!!
so, i had return today..........!!!
lol... perhaps.. for the sake of my blog... -_-.. ^^,...

not blogging for so long..
maybe due to some 'factors'..
not having the mood of blogging..
busy days... internet problem.. and so on.. ><

just same to the title... november ends..
this is the fourth week of my second semester in matric colege..
hm.. means i din came to update since 3 weeks.. haha..
and.. i gona say.. this sem is like much more tougher than the last one..
the syllabus are more difficult.
especially mathematics.. ><
there are more chapters..
all of my previous lecturers are changed to new ones..

And most important thing >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
all the people here are looking
more tense and pressured this semester...
hm.. i really wonder why??
why? why ? why?
this is just the begining of the new sem...
but it seems like everyone had get started to prepare
for the next END of semester examination.. ==''
as i see, they just study and study and study...
even harder than during the exam times, i guess..
oh gosh... and they are just racing with the lecturers
who are already very fast.. ==''
huh.. there are even some of them leading by the way..
currently, some of them are 2 chapters more advanced..
finished all the tutorials and past years questions..
isnt this an incredible speed????!!!
good phenomena or bad??
lol.. no comment on it..

Untill here.. i really dunno what should i say.. hehe..
bcz i am not that kind of person.. ^^
well, i think i just have to b myself.. thats enough..
and i hate "over-competing".. lol.. u know what i mean..
i cant find another word o replace it haha..
all i feel is, studying is not a competition
and it does not deals with who is faster, who is slower..
sutdying deals with the will u want to study..
it deals with only yourself, no one else..
so so and so...
these things, i mean this phenomena, doesnt really
'gives pressure' on me..
lol.. i am just the audience of the 'race'.. ^^
and no offence on it too..

These days are just rainy days..
as u noe.. its the end of the year.. monsoon seasons..
clothes are difficult to dry..
there are also lots of homeworks...><
weather just make me moody..
and i am a bit of not feeling well now..
having running nose and cough..
but just let it be lor.......................... ^^
4 and a half month to go... yea yea yea..

well, i think these are what i wana say now..
and i promise to come to update my blog
as frequently as possible.. ^^