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Monday, December 15

Santa Claus is Coming To Town..

15th december 2008; 1.01pm; at matriculation colege...
The time passes slowly..
that's what i feel these days...
it was boring.. dull.. it was just nothing.. ><
sigh... sometimes it just stops there..
or.. maybe i was been fed up by the life here... lol..
wake up in the morning.. studying...
take a nap in the evening..
doing homeworks at night.. then sleep..
gosh.. these days even have a lot of extra class..
>< damn.. wondering why.. it will be 4 times..
and all of them are the extra class of mathematics..
because the lecturer wants to rush..
frankly... i wouldnt understand what is she teaching sometimes..
she was just too fast.. =='' argh...
tonight will have another one.. ><.. pity me..
kinda wana vommit... XO...

but something good is to be arrived.. hahaha..
it is the christmas.. yeah yeah yeah..
i will have 5 days of holidays that time..
and i am going to meet my friends at KL
for the countdown during the christmas eve..
oh my.. it is going to be a fun event!!!
beautiful decorations, busy streets, and the crazy crowds..
i cant wait dy... !!!! >< so excited... hahahahahahaha...
after the countdown, i will go to penang to meet my family
who are having a vacation there..
oh.. another cool adventure...
penang will have plenty of foods... ^^
and my uncle is just going to pay the bill for anything that i wana eat..
hey JIU(uncle).. i was just kidding.. haha..
c... it will be so fun... again, i can't wait dy!!!
i just wish that time can pass faster... lol.. ^^

well.. it will not be too long from now.. haha..
so.. just have to wait for 1 more week..
this week.. hm... is yet another busy week..
cz there is a class replacement on saturday..
but nevermind..
hehe.. as i did mention good times is coming soon..

waiting christmas to come..................
miss my family, my home, and my friends... ^^

Thursday, December 4

** it's all over and it's a FLAT **

4th december 2008; 11.30am; at matriculation colege
It's good news for me.. lol..
The PSPM (matriculation end of semester examination) result,
which i'd waited for a long time had been released, finally...
well..^^ as it's a good news... hohoho....
I GOT 4 FLAT!! which means 4.00 of CGPS in the examination..
and its a perfect result as i scored As for every of my subjects..
yea.. i am defitnitely quite happy and proud of it..^^
especially when recieving the result certificate..
that time, i was like telling myself... ya i got it!!
i was been flooded in happiness.. lol..
cz its another mission accomplished for me..^^
and my hard work had been paid back..
thts the aim of every students who wants to get
a good place in universities in future..
now, its time for me to mantain this result
untill the next semester to get an overall 4.00.. ^^

however, i did realised something.. ya..
perhaps 4 flat is just very common in matriculation colege..
there are just a lot of them who had the same result as me..
lol.. a lot realy means a lot.. u noe what i mean..
cz i duno the real number of that..^^
ya.. quite common.. maybe because of the system
of the matriculation which is 'quite different"..
so.. after been happy for a while..
i think that 4 flat is not that 'special' anymore.. hehe..
but i did expected this before entering matrics..
cz there are already so many examples..
so, the thing that realy matter is,
does this '4 flat' is a real solid one, or just a 'fake' one..

hm.. think of myself..
i did put effort into it..
i did work hard on it..
i did made sacrifice on it..
and i absolutely made a strong aim on it..
so... for me.. i had no doubt that...
i got a SOLID one.. ^^

so, although 4 flat is common..
i still feel proud of myself..
cz i really feel that this result is my effort.. ^^
i get for what i've done..

so, i would like to say this to myself...
"Congratulation! U did it!!"

Monday, December 1

When November ends.....

1st december 2008; 3.15pm; at matriculation colege
its december...
Well well well...
i guess i gona say sory for my blog.. ><
bcz its been so long that i didn't update it..
no new post.. no new features.. hm..
and its going to rust.. rust.. and becoming dusty..
but i wouldn't let this happen!!
so, i had return today..........!!!
lol... perhaps.. for the sake of my blog... -_-.. ^^,...

not blogging for so long..
maybe due to some 'factors'..
not having the mood of blogging..
busy days... internet problem.. and so on.. ><

just same to the title... november ends..
this is the fourth week of my second semester in matric colege..
hm.. means i din came to update since 3 weeks.. haha..
and.. i gona say.. this sem is like much more tougher than the last one..
the syllabus are more difficult.
especially mathematics.. ><
there are more chapters..
all of my previous lecturers are changed to new ones..

And most important thing >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
all the people here are looking
more tense and pressured this semester...
hm.. i really wonder why??
why? why ? why?
this is just the begining of the new sem...
but it seems like everyone had get started to prepare
for the next END of semester examination.. ==''
as i see, they just study and study and study...
even harder than during the exam times, i guess..
oh gosh... and they are just racing with the lecturers
who are already very fast.. ==''
huh.. there are even some of them leading by the way..
currently, some of them are 2 chapters more advanced..
finished all the tutorials and past years questions..
isnt this an incredible speed????!!!
good phenomena or bad??
lol.. no comment on it..

Untill here.. i really dunno what should i say.. hehe..
bcz i am not that kind of person.. ^^
well, i think i just have to b myself.. thats enough..
and i hate "over-competing".. lol.. u know what i mean..
i cant find another word o replace it haha..
all i feel is, studying is not a competition
and it does not deals with who is faster, who is slower..
sutdying deals with the will u want to study..
it deals with only yourself, no one else..
so so and so...
these things, i mean this phenomena, doesnt really
'gives pressure' on me..
lol.. i am just the audience of the 'race'.. ^^
and no offence on it too..

These days are just rainy days..
as u noe.. its the end of the year.. monsoon seasons..
clothes are difficult to dry..
there are also lots of homeworks...><
weather just make me moody..
and i am a bit of not feeling well now..
having running nose and cough..
but just let it be lor.......................... ^^
4 and a half month to go... yea yea yea..

well, i think these are what i wana say now..
and i promise to come to update my blog
as frequently as possible.. ^^

Tuesday, November 11

>A Start with Pain<

11/11/2008;12.55pm;at matriculation colege..
All right.. My 2nd semester in matriculation,
had just started yesterday..
yea.. quite fast.. about 6 months passed by..
kind of happy about this.. 5 more months to go..
however...yesterday morning..
i guess i just have a little bit of bad luck..
hm.. it was morning..
i think i just have to start this new semester in a good way..
but.. when i walk down of a strair...
i sliped down, and sprain my ankle..
oh gosh.. it was so painful!!!
i just cant move at all.. stopped there..
so embarrassing too.. >< everybody is passing by..
luckily i met some friends, they help me to get up..
soon, my pain was gone.. i thought my ankle will be fine..
but, things does not turned up as i imagined..
after an hour, my ankle reli injured.. i feel the real pain..
my leg is sort of 'expanded'.. haha.. it swells up..
at night, i apply a bag of ice at the ankle to make it fell beter..
well, today.. its 'ok' already..
the swelling part start to dissapear..
hope to be 'as gud as new' as soon as possible..^^

Wednesday, November 5

> Light and Easy <

5 November 2008; 1:46am ; at home sweet home..
After 1 week of struggling and drowning because of exam..
i am Freedom now... hahaha.. Independence day had come..
yea.. that kind of feeling is just.. so good...
hm.. put down stones in my heart..
no worries, no pressures...
light and easy...

i finished my final semester examination, last friday..
thats y my blog had been abandoned for such a long time..
there are only books in my head that time..
oh.. u cant just imagine that type of atmosphere..
everyone is studying..
no other activities, except having meal and sleeping..
in a day....................... >>>
book is the first thing that i see when i open my eye..
it is also the last thing that i see, before i sleep..
but.. oh gosh.. some people are just too annoying..
mann.. they are reading even when eating on the table!!
some just dont eat coz they treat books as their foods..=.=''
i mean, this cant be too overwhelming u noe.. oh.. ><
c.. ya.. i noe studying is our responsibility..
but.. over-study can realy cost you a big problem..
for me.. i am not that type of person.. it is just.. disgusting..
well, for me!! i will work very hard during exam times..
but, not too over.. for a certain level, i need rest..
i did work very hard this time, i noe.. coz i was a SPM student too..
i plan my day well.. when it is time to study, i study..
when it is time to rest, i rest...
cummon.. even machines need rest, dont u think human also??
haha.. mayb, thts my style, a style tht u rarely can find in matrics..

well.. about this exam, i am satisfied with what i have done..
i knew i worked well on it.. for me, it is a mission accomplished..
what i have to do now, is hope for the best.. yea..^^

just as soon as i finished my exam..
i straightly go back to my home sweet home..
hey.. its been a month i din come home..
i am damn damn damn happy this time!!!^^
home is reli a place, tht i can realy enjoy..
haha.. i am truly a homeboy..

i m having a sweet holiday now..
and it marks the begining of a new semester too..
but who cares now?
lets enjoy first.... ^^

Wednesday, October 15

when i'll be fine..

15 october 2008 ; 3.00pm ; at matriculation colege..
i'm moody.. feeling sort of empty..
just like walking down the streets.. alone..
starring at my own life..
the days are just passing by..
hot days.. rainy days..
whatever it is..
my days are just getting more pressured..

two days ago i went kuantan for a walk..
bad luck strucked me..
i got caught at the front gate of the colege..
and forced to cut my hair..
spent RM25 just for a simple hair cut..><

now.. countdown goes on in my head everyday..
countdown for the final exam..13 days left..
so many formulae, laws, principles, postulates to remember..
i have lots of things to study..
i put away all the exercises.. just keep studying..
pressures are on.. war is begining soon..
i will have MUET too..
an english test.. its on next week..

i guess i be kind of struggling..
untill the exams are over..
then i'll be free..
but now.. its truly a test for me..
i'll go through it..........
and maybe i'll just keep my fingers cross..

i'll be fine...

Thursday, October 9

A day full of 'Colours"

9th october 2008 ; 10pm ; at matriculation colege

Morning... i am full of anger!!!!!! !@@#%#$!!
oh.. u noe i am the person who likes to go home..
so, i plan to go home next week..
but i heard that it will be going to have a career talk..
it is an official activity... so mayb cant go home lo..
i worried.. so i go and ask at the office..
the officer there told me i can go home..
but i nid to apply first from the unit tht organise it..
haiz.. then i went to the unit..
i asked the same thing, "is there a career talk....."
then.. the officer there started to scold me..
i even not yet finished my sentence,,
scold scold scold.. talked so arrogantly..!
my fren also get scold because he also
wana ask wheter can go home onot..
he say cant go home.. and say so much nonsence..
oh.. how can this happen to me!!!
argh.. shit la.. i just wan to ask wheter can go home onot ma!
then get scold!! damn!! the officer is idiot de!!!

then evening...
it was 3 on 3 basketball contest..
so fun..
i entered the semifinal..
defeat because of height.. ><
haha.. nevermind la.. i doesnt care about the defeat..
it is fun.. i like basketball!! yea..
but i hit my head.. oh.. so painful..
i was worried because i hurt my head..
after asking my fren about this.. then they say it was ok..

haha... a day full of colours ya.. ^^

Wednesday, October 8

then.. busy days...

8th october 2008 : 2.45 pm ; at matriculation colege..
many things will go on these days..
these makes me so busy.. ><
exam is cuming leh.. y still got so many things do de...
i wonder... T_T then still nid to find time to do revision..
damn... oh..... ><
this afternoon.. going to the 3 on 3 basketball contest..
well.. basketball is my favourite.. ^^
but it still nake me busy in the college.. haha..
then night still got 2 hours night class.. ><
friday got examination talk.. gotta attend.. ><
saturday got class replacement.. ><
rest time reduce... T_T..
lol.. i am like suffering now.. haha..
nevermind la... these will come to an end one day..
ok.. ^^ yea.. positive..

but i am still tired and busy..

Exhausted beacause of exam ><

8th october 2008 ; 2.30 pm ; at maticulation colege..
Haiz.. these days i'm so tired.. haiz...
damn.. the final semester exam is cumin la..
still got 17 days.. omg... !!
this is driving me crazy cause i'm running out of time..
sigh... ><... now have to go all out dy.. study.. ==''..
if not.... i m reli going to K.O...

haiz... have to study many many things leh...
so many chapters.. and i also cant understand some of them..
untill night time.. i sure tired one.. duno y..
argh... kind of suffering lo..
i have to "tahan" untill late night only can sleep.. T_T
anyway.. what to do.. sigh... T_T
this is the reality... ><.. i hav to study.. so.. let it go on... hope everything will be fine soon.. when the exam is over.. then it will be more easier for me.. let it be.. let it be... haha.. it reminds me of that song.. well, i guess, i just have to be patient.. be happy to face all these ba.. because there is no such thing like time machine in this world.. haha.. everything have to move on.......... wish myself gudluck lo.. ><

Monday, October 6

>Feelings of minE<

6 october 2008; 1.15pm ; at matriculation colege.
New life starts since 4 and a half months ago..
i dont have too much of prediction..
i dont know what will i face in future..
but now.. i had understand more deeply,
about who am i...
i found that actually i am not a real traveller..
i am still a homeboy..
love home, family, old friends so much..
in otherwords.. haha.. i still miss my old life..
i love to go back home..
because thats where i can find back the sweetest memories..
my hometown is the best.. ^^

but everytime when i return to my colege..
oh.. that kind of strong feeling hits me out...
on the bus.. its ok...
at the front door of the colege... i start to feel it.. ><
its just like some kind of hating, down, empty feelings..
and these feelings will become stronger and stronger
when i walk towards my hostel..
oh god... i just cant ignore it coz everytime i feel the same thing..
starring at my room reminds me of everthing at my hometown..

i hate this kind of emotions..
so i had decide to carry out some change..
i hope i can change my characters..
because i knew i had to be grown up..
my thinking had to be more mature..
i am not going to be a homeboy for the rest of my life..^^
hey.. i am a real man now la!! haha

thats y.. this time when i went back to my colege..
i told myself to be a stronger person..
i told myself life are changing... i had to accept it..
i am at the place that i am suppose to be..
i had to be a brave adventurer for my future..
and i had to get use to this place.. although i didnt like it..
because this is my mission..

positive positive positive!! i told myself..

wow!! that kind of bad feelings had greatly reduced
when i went back to my colege this time..
i am so happy that i can recover so fast this time..
i am full of aspirations and inspirations now..
my heart is opened... i can see blue skies..
i had done a small change in my thinking..
but it is a big leap..

this is also thanks them who gives me advices..
who gives me support and encouragements..
Family and friends... ^^
thanks a lot.. i realy appreciate all of you..

i am stronger than who i am before..
and i am not going to stop my footsteps
to become a brave adventurer for the sake of my life..

yo! Gambateh............

Saturday, October 4

>what a nice holiday<

3rd oct 2008; 11.55pm; at home sweet home..

Eight days had just pass by..
in just a twinkling of an eye..
its another ' the end ' of my holidays..
at first i had ten days.. wow.. so long..
but.. 10 days is just like 10 minutes..
gone.. swoooosh..............>>
will be going bck to colege this sunday..

well... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
just as my title.. this was such a nice holiday..
i spend 99.9% the time of it...
haha.. so.. mission accomplished..

the first day i went bck to my home..
i spent my times with my friends..
chatting around at a mamak stall..
even chatting is such a nice thing to do when
we spend our times together with close friends..
and what is so special is that, i have been boss tht night..
paying the bills of the supper.. haha..
untill midnight.. i went home.. ya.. a long night..

the second day i went back..
i had breakfast with firends.. ^^
i also had DotA with my gang..
evening time..! its the golden moment..
we played basketball.. enjoyable..
night.. i spent my time in the house with my dearest family..

the third day...
my friends went to melaka trip..
i dint join as it clashed with my
plan to go back to Teluk Intan, my father's hometown..
so i spent a day in my home sweet home.. haha..
playing guitar and piano..
finding spme new songs to play.. yea.. i love musics..

the fourth - seventh day..
yea yea yea hurray,
i went back to teluk intan with my family..
it is a 6 hours jouney from kuala lipis..
it was long, but i love travelling.. ^^
there.. i went to the beach..
i also went to the fishing village..
eating delicious foods..
buying famous and cheap products with my family..
just like shopping around...^^
visiting relatives..
and nothing more than eating seafoods..
even though it is a 4 days trip, v are quite tired..
4 days was packed with activities!! haha..
but i truly appreciate this trip.. enjoyed so much...
it was good times which i spent it with my family..

seventh -> eighth day..
i reached home form teluk intan in the evening..
so, its evening!! as i said it is the golden hours..
so, i rushed to prepare some things..
put on my basketball shoes.. and flashed to the basketball court..
haha.. i enjoyed playing basketball again and agian.. ^^
next day, i went breakfast with my fren...
same at the evening basketball again..
untill tonight.. i just went to the temple to pray..
as it is the "jiu wang yie"..
and now.. i am writing this post.. haha..

just see... my holiday is full of activities..!!
i spent it equally with my family and friends..
haha.. this is called time management lo.. hehe..
yaya.. this is the most enjoyable holiday
since i entered matriculation..
after this, it will be my end of semester exam..
wow.. gambateh lo.. >

for sure..^^
i'll keep these memories..
"what a nice holiday!!"

the moment i was at the beach...

Thursday, September 25

yet another HOLIDAY...^^

25 september 2008 ; 9.30am ; at matriculation colege
Its been a long time waiting.. and its the time now..
well, i mean the raya holiday.. yeah!! cheer up^^
lol.. my colege is having a one-week break..^^
such a nice one.. cz the malays are celebrating hari raya..
yea.. i m going bck to my home sweet home tomorow..
i guess i am going to use this 10days break 'wisely'..
hah.. means no wasting of time.. ^^
kind of disciplined ya?
actually, what makes me think of this is..
after this, i will not hav much chances to go back anymore..
after this.. will be the end of year exam.. T_T..
couldnt help much of this.. ==''
then it will be MUET..
so!!! this holiday will be the best time for me to relax a while..
of course.. i will study a bit.. ( btw i m still not sure "a bit' is how little, haha)..
and besides of relaxing, i will be going bck to Teluk intan..
my father's hometown..
quite exited about the food there.. lol..
tonight.. i will be packing things..
packing things back home is such a nice thing to be done.. u know..
cz ur mind will be full of good things at home then..

i am coming home...!


Thursday, September 11


这次,全能创作才子王力宏续chink out后,
MUSIC MAN 的气势如虹。。

Friday, August 22


Dull, empty, plain... thts what i feel..
it is just bcause my holiday is finishing!! or, considered finish..
so fast... sigh..
an appplause for it? or an ovation for it??
oh.. yea.. i enjoy it.. a nearly perfect one..
but now it is the end of my dearest holiday..
oh my oh my.. this is such a cruel thing for me...
time to get bck into the daily routine that it used to be..
matric life... hell on earth.. haha.. or maybe not..
NOW, this is absolutely corect one... bcz i tend to miss my home!!
haha... but when it gets longer, matric life is just normal for me..
haiz... what to do...
7 more months to go in matrics.. yea yea yea..
hope to 'enjoy' the terrible life there.. ya.. truly terrible.. ><

life goes on in such a way that it should be...

hope these words works for me... ^^

Thursday, August 14

> blog UpDaT3 < (lifetime sharing)

wow.... it was 2 months ago since i published my post..
so its time to update update my blog.. (even though no ppl will cum and c it) ^^
but this never happens in my matriculation life..
i mean time never pass in such a quick way when i was studying..
hm... simply just bcz, difficult times does not pass quickily.. haha...
now, itz my mid sem break, a two week one.. however 4 days had passed..
oh.. please let time pass slower now.. haiz... yea yea yea.. ==''
it is not all over yet, this is just a holiday.. okay... i accept this..
haha.. well..
nothing much to share..

itz just some pictures tht i taken from my colege..

such a beautiful sunset..(left)


another beautiful scenery tht can
be seen from my hostel.. (left)

women are not allowed here!!
haha... found in male hostel only

me under a hot sun...
wow.. sure becum dark.. haha^^

see.. matrix is such a nice place.. haha..
but i dont like it so much..
i like the environment..
but my home is simply the best for me.. ^^

Saturday, June 21



哇。。 好累也。。


Saturday, May 24










Tuesday, May 20










Monday, May 19

Hopes Come Back towards Me

As a student who had done excellently in the SPM examination,
it is impossible for me not to have either dreams or hopes..
scoring an extraordinary result in SPM is a Mission Accomplished to me..
i hope i can be better in future..
i hope i can get what i deserve..
i hope i can have a smoother road from now on..
i hope i can realize my dream;
without bringing difficulties to my parents or family..
that's why, i hope i can get scholarships, sponsorships, or KPM matriculation..

before this, i was rejected by all the scholarships and matriculation..
i was in despair.. cant tell the reason why i couldn't get it..
while in the hopeless situation, i do believe there is still hope,
no matter how thin it was..
this is similar to my parents..
so.. my parents tried many ways...
i also did appealed to the KPM and JPA scholarships department..
that's why we had a West to East jouney as i mentioned in this blogg..

Then, i recieved another good news..
i was shortlisted to attend the Yayasan Pahang scholarship interview..
for this, i realy had to say i was lucky..
this is because, only 15 students was being interviewed by yayasan pahang..
i am one of the 15 students, and yayasan pahang is giving 5-8 scholarships..
i done a pretty good job in yayasan pahang interview..
another good news for me -
although if i failed to get this scholarship in future,
i automatically can get a convertable loan given by yayasan pahang
as i was shortlisted in the interview..
this is a very good loan..
if i achive good result in university, this loan will be converted into scholarship..
PLUS.. it is zero interest..
so..... these are good news for me..

Another incident is that, i was being interviewed by Sin Chew..
this is because my mom had let this nwsppr noe about my problem..
so.. my NEWS came out on the newspaper a few days ago..
wow.. such a big stuff u noe??however this is good..
as i can let all the ppl noe that i am in a difficult condition..
dr. wee ka siong, also said on the newsppr that he will try his best to help
all the students who are in the same situation as me..

SO.. this is why hopes come back to me..
i am happy.. passionate..
i knew, in the end, everyone will understand my determination;
and the days tht i have when i strived for my dreams..

i had said, i made mind preparation for not getting anything in the end..

i am still full of hopes..
i will not give up..
i will fight for myself in order to hit the stars in the sky..
i knew i can do it.. even without scholarship or matriculation..

Aspirations are with me as long as i still can breath..

Sunday, May 18

West to East - for HOPES

It sure was a tiring journey for me and my parents -
the West to East adventure.. which is for my education future..
yea.. its true.. last 3 days we had it..
walao.. now reli so tired.. sleepssssss..
it was on Thursday, when we start our jouney to KL..
from kl too.. haha.. (kuala lipis la..)
y go there?? it is for my future lo...
just as i mentioned.. i din get any scholarship..
such a great dissapointment for me la...
however, same to my parents, i belive there is still hope..
so, we went KL.. trying to add more hope ..
so that i can get an offer for the matriculation..
on friday, we went to PUTRAJAYA, where the kementerian pelajaran malaysia(KPM) located..
b4 this.. i had appeal to the KPM as i fail to get a place in Matriculation..
so, this time.. v hope to go there to c face to face with anyone in charge in this..
in the end.. yea.. v manage to meet with sumone..
he said tht, if i had all 1A in +math, math, physic, chem and bio.. i had a big chance..
v also told him our problem.. he say they will try thier best..
lastly.. we put on hopes..hope to get matrik in the end..

so, v leave KL.. the WEST.. and straight go to the EAST..

c... this journey is realy non-stopping.. so.. reli reli reli very stressful and tired lo...
EAST = Kuantan..
yea.. after v finished our mission in KL, we went ot kuantan straighly..
i went KUANTAN for the yayasan pahang scholarship interview..
although i had the experience.. but still nervous and worry la..
this scholarship is reli gud...
anyway, the interview is the most relaxing 1 tht i ever had..
only 10 minutes.. then go home..

wow.. staight from kuantan went back kuala lipis..
my jouney is like a big big triangle..
if u look through the map..
kuala lipis- KL-kuantan-kuala lipis..

anyway.. after these.. all my interview had ended..
i dont hav to travel so far oready..
it is just like.. i took a bow, curtain is falling and closing..
although it was a tiring 1.. well.. it was pretty a good experience for me..
and i wana thx my parents who support me so much..
they sent me to all the place tht i want..
this is because they knew it was for my future..
thank you once agian, mom and dad..
i will work hard for my future..

well now.. hope comes back again,,
but i had made a mind preparation tht i will not get anything in the end also..
so.. i am open minded now..
this is part of my life.. i am brave to face it and solve it..
yeah!!! gogogo..
i can do it in whatever situation..
i believe myself..

Tuesday, May 13

努力 - 我的原则。。。






Monday, May 12


当我就读 form 1 时,就已经开始进行这个艰难的任务了。。
我另一个梦想 > 要考好SPM
那么努力。。当然,我做到了。。我拿到了10 A1, 1 A2。。
包括了JPA,Petronas, Telekom,Tenaga Nasional,UEM,Felda, Yayasan Pahang奖学金。。
PETRONAS 和JPA 咯。。我之前在不落格也有提过啦。。
11科A, 在全立碑县(DAERAH LIPIS),就只有我一个咧。。


没办法啊。。 戏如人生嘛。。

Thursday, April 24


18年。。。 经历不少。。。 发现也不少。。。







Thursday, April 17


phiuh... just came back from UTP( university technology petronas) yesterday for the Educamp..
it is defitnitely a tiring and long trip as UTP is located at tronoh,perak...
i had to go from kuala lipis.. pahang.. tired la....><
but.. this is a realy good oportunity for me to get a scholarship to further my studies, to realise my dream of becoming a mechanical engineer..
so.. it was worth... i decided to grip this chance.. for the sake of myself.. ^^
actually.. it also gives me a really new experience,
and provide me chances to make more friends..

well.. this year, the educamp, which is important in selecting the students who deserve the sponsorship by petronas only lasted for 2 days for each batch..
i am in the first batch... 15th-16th april..
it is pretty lucky to b shortlisted in the educamp.. as they told us tht out of 10000 candidates who applied for it, petronas only choose 2000 to go for the educamp...
however, the chance of getting this scholarship is small, as they only choose 550 students..
in fact, all the students who attend the educamp were all the best among the best...
so, the competition was quite hard... i had to work really hard in order to achive it..

on the first day, we had our registration and all the opening ceromonies stuffs...
there were also talks and speeches..
but there were no camp activities like ice breaking, and group activities, sports activities...
however, we had a campus tour, we just hav a visit to the mechanical engineering falcuty area a short while... the first day was just a leissure one... nothing special...

we live in the old hostel of utp... still quite ok la.. can sleep through the whole night..
i was grateful and happy to meet a friendly roomate...
he was a guy who came from malacca... great to meet him.. we all get along.. as soon as we met each other.. his name - JUDE... wow.. he is english educated.. so.. really good in english.. haha..
but, he was humble.. thts y we get along easily..
the other students was very nice too...
i met with a lot of malays students and they were friendly too.. however.. there were too many students, we dont even have the time to noe each other one by one... just smile and talked a bit..
dude.. there were 400++ of us.. quite a big number.

well...... the most CRITICAL and DECISIVE day came on the second day.. ><
the second day is the most important day, so, i focused on it..
it was the day when we undergoes tests and INTERVIEW..
i carried out test like IQ test in the morning..
it was not that stressful..
but in the afternoon, i was being interviewed..
it surely is a stressfull one... i could even feel my heart beats and my hands were cold..
fortunately, i could give myself enough confidence.. i managed to try my best..
wow.. there are two part in the interview..
first part - one to two interview, where i had to face 2 interviewers
second part - group discussion...
we were given the topic - "education policy'
these lasted for 2 hours... so long orh?? hehe..

yea yea yea...^^ it all went on well.. everything was excellent and as good as i expected..
i manage to deliver my best during the interview and was so happy tht i could do tht..
yeah... it was all ended in the end.. then, i went bck to my hostel...
i packed all my things...
i didnt even have the opportunity to bid farewell to my roomate... pity..T_T
because he still not finish his "mission'.. i mean the whole interview..
well... i then went back home.... home.. home...^^
so tired untill i sleep in just a few minutes on the car...
finally, i really wana say that- UTP is defitnitely an ideal place for engineering... it is a fabulous university..... big, nice, good facilities, excellent surroundings... it is a whole pakage.. i like it.. fact, this is really a whole new experience for me in my life..
learning how to interact with friends is one of the things tht i learnt from educamp..
it was a quite memorable 1, although it was very rushing...
and.. i had give all my best in the interview..
i have no regret... i just have to hope for the best...









Wednesday, April 2

My ONCE A LIFETIME Experience - The JPA Scholarships Interview

this is my 'adventure' today... the JPA scholarships interview >>

Date: 2 april 2008
Time: 8 am
Venue : kompleks wisma belia, indera mahkota, Kuantan

It all began when i opened my eyes from my dream in the room at the hotel.. it was 5.30am in the morning, and i started to prepare for my JPA scholarshp interview..- tidying up myself, wearing suitable long sleeve shirt and long black slack and a tie.. i also prepared a coat ( to look more formal) for myself to attend the interview..

After having my breakfast, i took all the important documents, and wished all the best b4 i went to the interviewing center in kuantan, the Kompleks Wisma Belia... my father fetch me there..
i reached there at about 7.10 am.. it was considered quiet early because i am the second person to reach there.. the Kompleks Wisma Belia was big,i could hardly find the actual place of the interview.. at last, i found it...

After 15 minutes, more and more candidates approached there... We were all gathered at an open-air hall ( second floor of the building)... There was a white board, where our names, sequence, and our interviewing room is stated on it.. there were 2 interviewing rooms.. then, all of us registered at a counter infront of the hall.. as we had to prepare 2 sets of documents, 1 original and 1 certified copies, the certified copies of documents were given to the officer there.. meanwhile, we have to bring the original ones in a clear holder into the interviewing room..
after the officers(2 women) checked my documents, i sat down and wait for my turn to go in.. Besides, i also walked around to know about other candidates.. they were extreamly friendly and we started to be talkative in just a few minutes.. this way not only gave me the opportunity to know more friends, but also helped me to release my tension.. i started to feel more calm and steady, than i am bfore..

Well i am in the first group consist of 7 candidates.. we are mixed in term of gender, courses applied for, and races..there are 3 boys and 4 girls in my group.. the courses they applied for are engineering, accountancy, pharmacist, biotechnology, and also literature... i applied for engineering and i hope that i can study mechanical engineer in future... after taking our number tag, we cliped it on out clothes and we recieved a small piece of blank paper from the officer..
next, it is the time when all of us walked into the interviewing room..there were only 2 interviewers, 2 of them were women.. both of them are really friendly because they greeted us good morning and smiled to us.. we, as the interviewees sat in a row of chairs, facing the 2 interviewers.. i didnt feel any nervousness anymore and i thought that the interview will be fun, interesting and relaxing.. this is just because of the kindness of the two interviewers.. one of them talked to us, another 1 checking our original documents..

> important event took place!! INTRODUCTION section ( in BM langguage)... we started to introduced ourself.. we were not given the time limit.. so, as my advice, all of you should speak more..its beter than you speak less.. Untill they asked for the next person to speak, i stopped my intro..^^.. i did prepare for the whole script before this..introduction is all about yourself and what course are u applied for.. beter prepare a script for youself... it is always better than you prepare nothing ...we are all given the chance to speak, one by one..

Next> Q&A session (still in BM langguage)..the interviewers started to ask me bound of question... but they are really common questions..
example:* why you want to become a mechanical engineer?
*why study overseas and not malaysia?
*what country you prefer.. why??
*if JPA sends you to another country will you accept??
*if you think english is important and it is an international langguage, do you think that BM can reach the same status as BI in 30 years?? why??
it was so grateful that i could answer all of these in BM well..

NEXT > Giving Opinion On A TOPIC session in ENGLISH..( at the begining, regarded as Group Discusion, but it is defitenitely just a giving opinion session, i dont even have the time to communicate with my groupmate)
the interviewers gave us a topic to give our own opinion..
we were given 1 minute to prepare our points, using pens and the blank pice of paper given..all my groupmates were really "talkative".. we talked a lot...each of us are allowed to give our opinion with no time limit, but according to our sequence... i was Number 2 in my group, but giving my opinion 2nd counted from behind during this session as the interviewers decided to change to direction of our sequence..we uses english as a langguage during this session..
After 1 hour and 45 minutes of time spending in the room, v finished our interviewing sessions.. as i expect, it was relaxed, and interesting.. all of us spent our time during the interview without fears... it will be a nice memory for us.. after bidding farewell, all of us went home happily..^^.. it was such a relif for me too..

the whole process of my interview had went smoothly and for me, i am statisfied of my performance during the interview..however, it still depends on luck (as i believe) when it all comes untill the, what can i do is just hope for the best...whatever the outcome is, it will be the best experince that i had ever gained in my life..

Sunday, March 30

很喜欢力宏这一首歌,就因为他写下了 朋友 的定义... ^^


哥儿们 *王力宏*

*唱一首哥儿们的歌儿 永不忘这一刻
有哥儿们就够了 世界变多少 哥儿们都在这儿

最牛的帅哥们直接 啥都不比解释
我就是 挺你到底 也不可能背叛你

会争第一 同时记得给彼此鼓励 哥儿们

你碰到海 就一起填 我一定帮你 我碰到山 就拼了吧 一起移


希望在心里 哥儿们 一起创造奇迹 也不怕受伤

一次比一次坚强 盖一个圣堂 各自奔不同方向

曾经就约定好要成功 才像个样

飞到何方 哥儿们的歌儿 记得怎麽唱

要成为Leaders For十几亿个 爱听歌的人以腻了

你逼了我让自已的 耳朵变更细致 押韵更密实

尤其是联手写历史 我们越来越有气势
Repeat *

我们势均力敌 但是从不耍心机 跟你比

跟你学习 像不同血液的兄弟 哥儿们

互相接力 你跑的越快对我越有利 哥儿们最有默契

哥儿们来自四面八方 时常好久不见 习

惯了孤军奋战 距离很遥远

友情从来不变 但一个电话说Yo 高兴的问候 就能给彼此加油

每一次见面可能Yo 隔一个礼拜 或一个月 还是一年都没差

不管我做了多少改变 你就努力去接受

即使不能了解 都会给我很多鼓励 所以 哥儿们

换我们唱 国语还是要承认 听得懂饶舌的美丽

只有部分的人 但每个人都能了解我们

想表达的精神 那就是珍惜

Wednesday, March 26



缘分是很难得的... 朋友能遇见,相识,是一种缘,是很幸福的...



18 years old - a turning point of my life...

well... year 2008 is the year that i turned 18..

i celebrated my bday on the last 4th of january.. it was a sweet 1..

bsides, in the beginig of the year, i was also waiting my SPM result after those "difficult" days in the spm examination 4 months ago...

this is the time i experience changes in my life..

during three months of waiting my spm result, i had to b independent, by going to kl, and took a short 3 months english course.. at British Council..

i was grateful tht i did not waste my time... i learnt a lot bsides of english, but also the way to communicate with each other, even though v are frm diffrent country..

then, on the 12th of march, it was the day i take my spm result..

i did a pretty good job, by scoring straight 11As, 10A1,1A2...

the turning point is tht, how am i going to face my life after this..

frm my spm result, i realise tht it was ur spirit, ur dedication, and ur will, that make changes in ur life..

i had reli put my effort, and sacrifice during my days in schools...

and what i get from my hard work, is the good result tht i get..

and i even get i brighter future, and an easier turning point in my life..

a beter opportunity to compete among the good ones and even the best..

hard work is realy important if u wana realize ur dream..

and now, it had reach a turning point in my life..

i hope, i can get what i want, what i need, and what i deserve..

my life had reach to a junction..

the junction where i had to choose a correct pathway to a new life..

i will try my best to make my dream come true..

and i hope any1 of you, who are the same age with me, will try hard together..

this is our whole new world, a realy critical turning point in our life...

best of luck to me and to all the other teens..

we hope for the BEST..

Friday, March 21

hi.... i m a new comer of bloGger...
nice to meet all of u..
well well well..
here is a place for me to express my feeling...
whenever i'm free...
so, enjoy posting bloggs.....