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Wednesday, October 15

when i'll be fine..

15 october 2008 ; 3.00pm ; at matriculation colege..
i'm moody.. feeling sort of empty..
just like walking down the streets.. alone..
starring at my own life..
the days are just passing by..
hot days.. rainy days..
whatever it is..
my days are just getting more pressured..

two days ago i went kuantan for a walk..
bad luck strucked me..
i got caught at the front gate of the colege..
and forced to cut my hair..
spent RM25 just for a simple hair cut..><

now.. countdown goes on in my head everyday..
countdown for the final exam..13 days left..
so many formulae, laws, principles, postulates to remember..
i have lots of things to study..
i put away all the exercises.. just keep studying..
pressures are on.. war is begining soon..
i will have MUET too..
an english test.. its on next week..

i guess i be kind of struggling..
untill the exams are over..
then i'll be free..
but now.. its truly a test for me..
i'll go through it..........
and maybe i'll just keep my fingers cross..

i'll be fine...

Thursday, October 9

A day full of 'Colours"

9th october 2008 ; 10pm ; at matriculation colege

Morning... i am full of anger!!!!!! !@@#%#$!!
oh.. u noe i am the person who likes to go home..
so, i plan to go home next week..
but i heard that it will be going to have a career talk..
it is an official activity... so mayb cant go home lo..
i worried.. so i go and ask at the office..
the officer there told me i can go home..
but i nid to apply first from the unit tht organise it..
haiz.. then i went to the unit..
i asked the same thing, "is there a career talk....."
then.. the officer there started to scold me..
i even not yet finished my sentence,,
scold scold scold.. talked so arrogantly..!
my fren also get scold because he also
wana ask wheter can go home onot..
he say cant go home.. and say so much nonsence..
oh.. how can this happen to me!!!
argh.. shit la.. i just wan to ask wheter can go home onot ma!
then get scold!! damn!! the officer is idiot de!!!

then evening...
it was 3 on 3 basketball contest..
so fun..
i entered the semifinal..
defeat because of height.. ><
haha.. nevermind la.. i doesnt care about the defeat..
it is fun.. i like basketball!! yea..
but i hit my head.. oh.. so painful..
i was worried because i hurt my head..
after asking my fren about this.. then they say it was ok..

haha... a day full of colours ya.. ^^

Wednesday, October 8

then.. busy days...

8th october 2008 : 2.45 pm ; at matriculation colege..
many things will go on these days..
these makes me so busy.. ><
exam is cuming leh.. y still got so many things do de...
i wonder... T_T then still nid to find time to do revision..
damn... oh..... ><
this afternoon.. going to the 3 on 3 basketball contest..
well.. basketball is my favourite.. ^^
but it still nake me busy in the college.. haha..
then night still got 2 hours night class.. ><
friday got examination talk.. gotta attend.. ><
saturday got class replacement.. ><
rest time reduce... T_T..
lol.. i am like suffering now.. haha..
nevermind la... these will come to an end one day..
ok.. ^^ yea.. positive..

but i am still tired and busy..

Exhausted beacause of exam ><

8th october 2008 ; 2.30 pm ; at maticulation colege..
Haiz.. these days i'm so tired.. haiz...
damn.. the final semester exam is cumin la..
still got 17 days.. omg... !!
this is driving me crazy cause i'm running out of time..
sigh... ><... now have to go all out dy.. study.. ==''..
if not.... i m reli going to K.O...

haiz... have to study many many things leh...
so many chapters.. and i also cant understand some of them..
untill night time.. i sure tired one.. duno y..
argh... kind of suffering lo..
i have to "tahan" untill late night only can sleep.. T_T
anyway.. what to do.. sigh... T_T
this is the reality... ><.. i hav to study.. so.. let it go on... hope everything will be fine soon.. when the exam is over.. then it will be more easier for me.. let it be.. let it be... haha.. it reminds me of that song.. well, i guess, i just have to be patient.. be happy to face all these ba.. because there is no such thing like time machine in this world.. haha.. everything have to move on.......... wish myself gudluck lo.. ><

Monday, October 6

>Feelings of minE<

6 october 2008; 1.15pm ; at matriculation colege.
New life starts since 4 and a half months ago..
i dont have too much of prediction..
i dont know what will i face in future..
but now.. i had understand more deeply,
about who am i...
i found that actually i am not a real traveller..
i am still a homeboy..
love home, family, old friends so much..
in otherwords.. haha.. i still miss my old life..
i love to go back home..
because thats where i can find back the sweetest memories..
my hometown is the best.. ^^

but everytime when i return to my colege..
oh.. that kind of strong feeling hits me out...
on the bus.. its ok...
at the front door of the colege... i start to feel it.. ><
its just like some kind of hating, down, empty feelings..
and these feelings will become stronger and stronger
when i walk towards my hostel..
oh god... i just cant ignore it coz everytime i feel the same thing..
starring at my room reminds me of everthing at my hometown..

i hate this kind of emotions..
so i had decide to carry out some change..
i hope i can change my characters..
because i knew i had to be grown up..
my thinking had to be more mature..
i am not going to be a homeboy for the rest of my life..^^
hey.. i am a real man now la!! haha

thats y.. this time when i went back to my colege..
i told myself to be a stronger person..
i told myself life are changing... i had to accept it..
i am at the place that i am suppose to be..
i had to be a brave adventurer for my future..
and i had to get use to this place.. although i didnt like it..
because this is my mission..

positive positive positive!! i told myself..

wow!! that kind of bad feelings had greatly reduced
when i went back to my colege this time..
i am so happy that i can recover so fast this time..
i am full of aspirations and inspirations now..
my heart is opened... i can see blue skies..
i had done a small change in my thinking..
but it is a big leap..

this is also thanks them who gives me advices..
who gives me support and encouragements..
Family and friends... ^^
thanks a lot.. i realy appreciate all of you..

i am stronger than who i am before..
and i am not going to stop my footsteps
to become a brave adventurer for the sake of my life..

yo! Gambateh............

Saturday, October 4

>what a nice holiday<

3rd oct 2008; 11.55pm; at home sweet home..

Eight days had just pass by..
in just a twinkling of an eye..
its another ' the end ' of my holidays..
at first i had ten days.. wow.. so long..
but.. 10 days is just like 10 minutes..
gone.. swoooosh..............>>
will be going bck to colege this sunday..

well... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
just as my title.. this was such a nice holiday..
i spend 99.9% the time of it...
haha.. so.. mission accomplished..

the first day i went bck to my home..
i spent my times with my friends..
chatting around at a mamak stall..
even chatting is such a nice thing to do when
we spend our times together with close friends..
and what is so special is that, i have been boss tht night..
paying the bills of the supper.. haha..
untill midnight.. i went home.. ya.. a long night..

the second day i went back..
i had breakfast with firends.. ^^
i also had DotA with my gang..
evening time..! its the golden moment..
we played basketball.. enjoyable..
night.. i spent my time in the house with my dearest family..

the third day...
my friends went to melaka trip..
i dint join as it clashed with my
plan to go back to Teluk Intan, my father's hometown..
so i spent a day in my home sweet home.. haha..
playing guitar and piano..
finding spme new songs to play.. yea.. i love musics..

the fourth - seventh day..
yea yea yea hurray,
i went back to teluk intan with my family..
it is a 6 hours jouney from kuala lipis..
it was long, but i love travelling.. ^^
there.. i went to the beach..
i also went to the fishing village..
eating delicious foods..
buying famous and cheap products with my family..
just like shopping around...^^
visiting relatives..
and nothing more than eating seafoods..
even though it is a 4 days trip, v are quite tired..
4 days was packed with activities!! haha..
but i truly appreciate this trip.. enjoyed so much...
it was good times which i spent it with my family..

seventh -> eighth day..
i reached home form teluk intan in the evening..
so, its evening!! as i said it is the golden hours..
so, i rushed to prepare some things..
put on my basketball shoes.. and flashed to the basketball court..
haha.. i enjoyed playing basketball again and agian.. ^^
next day, i went breakfast with my fren...
same at the evening basketball again..
untill tonight.. i just went to the temple to pray..
as it is the "jiu wang yie"..
and now.. i am writing this post.. haha..

just see... my holiday is full of activities..!!
i spent it equally with my family and friends..
haha.. this is called time management lo.. hehe..
yaya.. this is the most enjoyable holiday
since i entered matriculation..
after this, it will be my end of semester exam..
wow.. gambateh lo.. >

for sure..^^
i'll keep these memories..
"what a nice holiday!!"

the moment i was at the beach...