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Wednesday, April 29

**during the HOT days**

well.. sigh.. these days were really hot..
wonder why malaysia is like 365 days of summer..
summer is good.. but not too much.. ><
coz i have been drowning in my sweats due to this..
wana save electricity, but forced to use air-cond..
haha.. feel strange tht i should have use it for everyday??
nope.. my house is surrounded my trees..
so it usually is quite cooling, but it's just so HOT now..
about 35 - 37 degree celcius as reported on the newspaper..

ok... just forget about the heat wave..
almost 2 weeks back home..
hm.. feel so free.. so comfortable..
coz there's no homework or stress..
even though it is hot.. lol..
finally managed to follow up the most current songs..
coz its been so long since i listen to them last time..
and is currently watching the most popular
reality show in the USA - American Idol..
and yes, i am the biggest fan of ADAM LAMBERT!!!
yeah.. he was the most amazing one..
loves the songs he sings
- "mad world" and " if i cant have you"
hope he will be in the finals..
he's currently the top 5.. ^^

and.. was getting to be busy for a preparation of my
uncle's wedding.. hm.. everybody is busy now..
so.. this weekend will be going to penang..
to attend a wedding dinner served by my uncle's wife..
and the following week..
will be the great wedding dinner in here...
cant imagine how grand it will be..
coz there will be almost 67 tables of guests during the dinner..
and 67 tables is equal to 670 people..
wow.. almost 700.. 0o0..
it will sure fill up the whole big hall..

just went to KL 3 days ago..
went there for what? lol.. it's still for the wedding..
my sis and my cousin sister..
wana find nice outfits for the wedding dinner..
for me.. this is not my purpose actually.. just wana go for a walk..
so we just go there to shop for a whole day..
after its all done,
i find out shopping is actually a really good exercise..
but i'd like to consider it as a "extreme workout"..
coz my legs were just like breaking apart from me..
and my whole body is so exhausted.. ><
and pain is everywhere when i went home..
however.. quite fun of it.. ^^
and i also did buy a new outfit for myself..

well.. i guess this is one long post i've written..
so.. just gona stop here today..
continue to have fun..


Monday, April 20

The Climb had finally come to an end..

well.. lets give an arrogant laugh.. wakaka..
lol.. okay.. on top of the world now..
so happy.. so proud of my self that..
finally.. the struggles i faced ended..
the PSPM finals..
and the studies in Matriculation colege too..
this is the moment tht i've been waiting for..
it was like.. oh..
putting down a huge stone..
that u've held it for so long..
so.. let me get some true fresh air out of that sucking place..
oh.. haha.. i mean the colege..
and... this will be a real big and long holiday for me..
hope can realy enjoy it..
nope.. definitely will be an enjoyable one..

after been UNLEASHED..
haha.. gona be wild..
do just what i wish to..
do just what i like to..

and to all my previous friends at the colege..
good luck to everything in future..
so long.. but here comes goodbye..
anyhow.. all da best..

as one big chapter in my life ends..
here start a new ones..
but all i have to do is just enjoy..
all da best for myself too..