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Saturday, June 27

All packed and ready to go...

Holidays ends... ><
mixed feelings rush into my mind..
getting a place to study at UM is a joy for me..
leaving home and holiday lifes is however desperate for me..
gosh... y all of these are been mixed up??
in fact they are not [homogenous mixture]..
but a [heterogeneous] one..

sort of suffering.. kinda ironic..
i have lots of words to say..
but, it seems like i would prefer keep it in myself..
lol.. i'm quite complicated now right?
yea.. feelings do complicates... sometimes..

well well well..
yyc..!! lets get back on track.......
i've got all my things packed..
and i m ready to go..
here i come UM..
as a lot of my friends would say this..
good luck to all of you too..
last word..

p/s: have to worry about the outbreak of H1N1 Virus... cuz i will be at PJ, which is an area "containminated" with the disease.. nid to wear protective mask? this remain as a question mark... ==''...

Saturday, June 20

I got my First Choice..

after a month of waiting..
the results of Local University placing is been released..
for me.. the result is absolutely a perfect one..^^
cuz i get the first choice in my application list...
which is to study at Universiti Malaya..
in Mechanical Engineering..
so.. i'm quite happy with that..

before this, i am sort of worried that i couldnt get what i want..
and actually, there is another story behind this..
well, i got an offer from USM at Penang
before others university's result is been announced..
u will know the result of USM earlier cuz
they had been upgraded to an APEX university..
despite of getting tht offer,
i rejected it.. a decision which is quite tough for me to make..
i did consult my fren wheter rejecting it would affect
the result at the UPU or not..
however, it actually will not have
effect as USM stood independently itself..
i rejected it cuz, if USM was to be applied together
with all the other universities,
it would not be my first choice..
it might be a 4th or 5th one..
now, i got a 4flat in my matriculation..
so, i am hoping to get my first choice..

and in the end..
i got UM, my first choice...
yea.. such a relief for me..

evrything is settled down..
however i have to start busy again.. ><
for all those preparation to UM..
oh gosh....................
too much of things to do.. lol..

Sunday, June 14

new stuff for me..^^

well well well..
this is the first post of june..
and the first post i typed by using my new HP pavilion laptop..
lol.. i'm gona say its quite adorable for me..^^
powered by 1GB of dedicated ATI Radeon Graphics Card..
and also a Core 2 duo 2.53Ghz processor..
with 500GB of hardisk space and 4GB of DDR3 Ram..
plus 16 inch of widescreen..
gosh, there is no way i can hate it!!

in other words.. i'm loving it!!^^