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Saturday, January 31

NO mood...

31 january 2009; 11.12pm; at home sweet home
as expected.... ><
happy times passes by so quickly..
oh... the CNY ends.. just like that..
it was cool.. awesome...
i dont think i will forget about it..
but the celebration last only for 5 days..
my relatives went back to their hometown..
my friends also leave this place after CNY..
again, kuala lipis returns to its quiet atmosphere..
and i.. feeling sort of... strange.. maybe.. lol..
cause all fun just end so "suddenly"...
and i feel like being "abandoned"...
argh.. i miss those CNY days.. ><
but time wouldnt come back.. T_T
and my 2 weeks holidays also finished..
have to go back to colege tomorrow..
restart the horrible life there..
seems like my life would be colourless
untill i finished my studies in april...
means its 2 months to go..lolz...

hm...some sort of struggling..
bcz i am still in the mood of CNY..
but alone in the mood of CNY???
cz there are no relatives at home now..
and i have to go bck to the colege tomorrow..
this is some kind of mind torture.. u noe.....
i wish i can just scream like that..



Wednesday, January 14


14 january 2008; 9.37am; at matriculation colege...

sigh... feel destressed and relaxed.. lol.. cz..
the mid-term examination (UPS) had just over..
hm.. over is over.. nothing more than that..
this time.. i consider myself as 'quite ok'..
haha.. somwhow.. i sure did left some questions
unsolved during the exam.. common..
well, cause duno how to solve it.. ><
anyway as 'over is over', lets dont
care so much about it now.. lol..
effort had been put on... so, its ok..

AND!!! one thing.. starting this friday,
i am going to have a 2 weeks holidays.. yahoo!!
yea.. time to get myself unleashed!!! lol..
hm.. thinking of getting some rest at home..^^
but its not tht possible now.. hah..
u noe y??
cz i gona help my parents in the preparations
for the cuming CHINESE NEW YEAR...
whoa.. looks like it gona be busy at home..
however for me, its fun to help to
prepare for the GRAND FESTIVAL.. ^^u noe..
the mood of CNY is just right in my heart now..
so.. just wana have fun when go back home!!
oh.. just two more days then i can go home..
and wish to have the ability to teleport..^^
forget about tht.. lets have a fun journey
of going back home^^ haha..

there are good things at home this time..
firstly.. i GOT my NEW LEEHOM ALBUM..
ar!! gona get crazy of that.. ^^
and then, i will soonly get my new GUITAR...
oh my.. also will get crazy of that..
haha.. just fell in love with guitar recently..
and then i will go KL for a walk..
maybe to look for some new clothes for CNY..
and there will be lots of food at home..
lol.. wish those food will not finish before CNY.. lol^^

well.. i guess thats all for today..


Wednesday, January 7

Say Hello TO 2009...

7th january 2009; at matriculation colege; 1.49pm
haha.. another record...
almost 1 month didn't update my blog..
T_T.. just not tht free and dun have the mood..
well.. recently i am just as busy as usual..
the mid-term examination is just coming soon..
it will be on next week...
but.. luckily after that ,
i will have a 2 weeks holidays..
this means i will have holidays untill the Chinese New Year..
yea yea yea.. yet another good news for me..
lol.. guess i will enjoy that time.. chill~~^^
argh...!!! 9 more days to go..
then i can go home to enjoy my holiday..
and to celebrate CNY...~~~~~~
hey.. i am just getting more and more exited now..
cant wait for the holiday to come..
cant wait for the most amazing "NIU" (cow) Year!!
oh.. at here i just couldnt listen to any
CNY songs.. cant feel the atmosphere..
but i am sure when i go back.. yeah..
my ears will be full of CNY songs.. lol..^^
the foods, my relatives, the sound of laughter,
friends, family, and angpows.. haha..
all are those elements of CNY..
its cuming.. its cuming...

and yet.. ^^, before CNY,
and before i forget, haha..
i would like to say hello to year 2009.. ^^
happy 2009, everyone..
best of luck, and wishes come true..
gambateh in 2009...!!!

p/s : waiting CNY to come...^^