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Saturday, October 16

Cameron Highlands

It was during a family trip to Cameron Highlands a month ago...
With no exceptions,
Taking a camera in hands will always make a trip a great one...
And let's see what i've got this time...
Almost all photos are taken with the nikkor 50mm f1.8...
Those 'bokeh' are gorgeous! =)

Sunday, October 3

Durian Sebatang, Teluk Intan

shots that had been taken since almost a month ago
are managed to be uploaded here... lol.
Life's been busy and hectic...
the photos are here! =)

That was during a trip back to my father's hometown,
Teluk Intan, Perak ; while Durian Sebatang is a small
jetty located beside the town of Teluk Intan.

At first, it was a cloudy afternoon.
That was one of my luckiest day.
because after been patient to wait,
the cloudy sky later on turned into a clear one,
leaving good lightings for me...

And at last, a beautiful sunset arrived,
giving me such a great opportunity to take the pictures of it.
I stayed there for the whole entire process of the
sunset untill the day finally turned dark.(approx. 3hours)
Awwh... should had been bringing a good tripod for long exposures trials!

But just forget about that cuz
it still feels great to capture all these shots thru hanheld method.

Viewing those amazing sunset scenes through the viewfinder
was one of the most breathtaking experience that i've ever had...

And here goes the pictures... =)