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Tuesday, March 31

Storm is Brewing..

31 march 2009; 1.00pm; at matriculation colege..

Well.. Something bad is just going to happen..
i mean.. the exam.. its getting closer..><
cant be ignored.. cant be stopped..
but.. these days is just.. damned bored..
i went back to the days in the first final exam..
it was during the last semester..
everyday.. wake up,study,eat,sleep.. ><
hm.. anyway, it will be only 13days away from now..
so i guess.. i'm gona be be patient.. and..
i'm just gona go through this with full
yea.. full throttle..

in another side..
the atmosphere of exam at here just start to brew..
everyone is like.. u noe.. no time to lose..
and i'm writting this post here.. ==''..
haha.. just wana update the latest status at here..
and also.. many of them had sad feelings..
because they are going to leave here..
haha.. i dont even had that type of feeling..
the only thing that i think.. is just that..
wow.. i am going home!! yeah.. and its awesome..
so exited about this.... cant wait..
hm.. maybe just because... for me..
this is not the place that i can find enjoyments..
and.. i am happy that.. i finally did this..
i finally manage to finish it up.. with full "clean record".. ^^
hope my effort can later brings me good returns..

nothing much to say.. ><..
coz.. the "storm" of exam.. is just brewing..
so.. lets be prepared for this catastrophic disaster.. lol..
well.. keep the finger cross..
and go blast off for the exam..
good luck everyone..


Tuesday, March 17

3 weeks to go...

whoa.. a whole month din update my blog.. ><
a lot of things did happened these days..
but.. i din remember them.. lol..
and i did went home once early in the month..
but final exam's just around the corner..
around 3 weeks ++ to go.. gosh...
i'm speechless about this.. ><
nothing could be done other than study..
struggle.. work hard.. strive and strive..
oh.. i was thinking when will these days end...
hope it will be soon..
cz its quite torchering..
but.. there was a greater hope in me..
hope that.. i can realy score a 4 flat in this final exam...

sigh.. the exam's schedule had just gone out..
the 2nd day is a hell for us..
it will be 2 paper 2, maths and physics..
damn... wonder y it is been arranged like that..
what to do.. after the exam.. i will be free..
real free.. freedom..........................................
its the time when i finish my whole course in matriculation colege..
and thats nice.. but still have to strugle first.. ><

gambateh......... yyc.... XP