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Monday, August 17

My eyes need spectacles... already...

i've just gotton a new look.. since... today..
lol.. cuz i'm having a pair of glasses now..
hm.. actually, its been about 2 years already i see things kinda blur..
but it seems to be worsen a little bit, recently...
i mean i couldn't really read all those words on the slides during lectures..
so... decided to make myself a pair of spectacles...

here is how it looks....................>>>>>

quite happy with the frame and lenses..
cuz it does not cost too much.. haha..
yea.. around RM150...
so... i'm having a clear sight now.. lolx..

Saturday, August 15

Recaps of the past 2 weeks...

mid-sem break is here for me.. at home now.. ^^
well.. its been already 2 weeks i din upload any post here..
lots of things just keep on happening around me..
time is usually been fully occupied everyday..
and sometimes.. 24 hours is even insufficient for me.. lolx..
time flies.. gosh..

i'm getting a little bit of imbalance these days..
hangging up in the BBG (study room) untill 4am or 5am in the morning..
haha.. isnt that crazy? yea.. i think so sometimes..
doing some homework, reports, and more important - chatting.. lolx..
goin to the mamak stalls had also been a habbit for us..
and now we are better known as the members of "3am BBG club"..==''
wern yet (the pengerusi.. lolx^^), han leong, ah chua, wei xiang, and me..
are the ones who're the most active members of that club..
sigh.. i think this club should be proposed during the MPP la.. XP..
well someone else is crazier than me, in fact..
they can be at there untill 9am..@@
sleep for not even 3 hours a day..
then.. will go for class... lol....
and that the reason why... i fell asleep during the class..
and now i'm thinking of adjusting myself to "normal mode" again..
so.. will use this mid-sem break to recharge myself.. haha..
and now.. its time to recap some of the most important events happen around me..
Firstly.. it was on last wednesday...
went to mid-valley for a movie..
which had been on the screen for 6 around weeks.. transformer 2..
hey hey hey.. don't say that i'm so slow and left behind..
cuz it'll be special if u watch it just before it stop screening.. right? lolx..
and i was alone.. but people simply just don't belive..@@
people say it is kinda strange to go for a movie alone..
but it's already not the first time i did that..
in fact.. i usually did that.. haha..
anyway...... transformer is really really a good movie to watch.. salutes...

GSC Mid-valley.....

And it was thursday again....
i joined some friends to the the pasar malam at SS2..
and went to Murni, a famous reataurant with a wide range of special foods..
the tables are been arranged not just in front of the shop,
but along the whole street!!! just imagine how popular is that place..
manage to have some realy special food there.. delicious..
did have fun and enjoyed very much................ ^^

* Nasi goreng Napoleon, one of the most recomended menu at Murni...*

*posing to take a photo entittled - Desperation.. lolx..*

(from left - weixiang, chua, me, and qi yi)

Then.. Friday came...
i went to a gathering with some old frens at Sunway..
ops.. we're not "old".. lol..
but we're all batch mates.. since.... primary school..
or some even since kindergarten...
that's what i called 'old' frens.. haha..
and they're - ahtang, yenling, ah loon, jeriel, and me..
we had a nice dinner at "Yuan" , a steamboat reataurant..
where everyone have to stand and wait..
before they can get an empty table.. lolx..
went to a mamak stall to chat untill late night after that..

*table is full of plates and foods... ^^*

And recently, last wednesday...
its the convocation of UM... did went to the DTC to support my seniors...
this is the first time i see a real convocation..
woah... such a crowded place at DTC............
anyway... as everyone is having fun at there..
its really an enjoyable one too.. ^^

*Our Banner - 2nd colege...*

*such a crowd... @@*

*even cars move slow...*

Finally now.. its my middle of semester.....
although its a holiday.. but it will be my exam after this..><

anyway... life still goes on... so.....

just chill~ ^^