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Friday, July 31


itz been more than a month in UM..
and the life..
hoho.. its realy busy..
busy with homeworks, reports and tutorials..
plus.. dozens of activities waiting for us...
hm.. guess nid to start arrange my time edi..
recently just finish organising a "senior freshie night"..
quite a sucess one..
and did perform on stage with my acoustic guitar..
singing "beautiful" by damien leith..
lol.. its my first time..
so i dont think i gave the best that nite..
anyway.. just brought my guitar back home..
cz there's reli no space in my room.. ><
of course i am at home right now..
and.. not feeling to talk much today..
gotta stop here..


Tuesday, July 14

just a little bit..

well.. quite busy these
but.. its still quite enjoyable..
so.. here is just a little bit of my updates..

its been... about 3 weeks..since i entered UM..
lots of things and events have happened..

first is the orientation week.. ==''
hm.. what to say about that is..
it had got its good and bad sides..
bad side - have to sit down on the hard floor to listen to talks..
gosh.. kinda pain on my buds..
cuz the talks usually take hours to finish..
and moreover... we have to wear face mask throughout the week!!
==''.. i felt like i'm drowning in the water..
cuz the mask we wear are those big ones.. called N95 model..
even though it had got a higher protection.. but belive me..
sometimes.. wearing it is kinda suffering.. >< lol..
but what to do.. H1N1 virus is threatening our safety and lifes..

well.. forget about those bad ones in the orientation week..
the good ones-
in short, the facilitators are extremely friendly..
the cheers activity is really fun..
and the gathering of all the new Mahasiswa in the
grand hall of DTC is fantastic..

so.... after the first week ended..
lecture weeks start...
and the situation we face is just as expected..
we are so blur and direction-less@@!!
we don't know what we should do or must do in
every next steps.. ==''
sort of confused sometimes.. about the time tables..
gosh even now my timetable is not constantly fixed
i guess.. this is what every new students experience..
but.. its really tiring.. when u need to run here and there
to find out the 'truth'..

just we were happy about the end of the orientation week..
the 'nightmares' actually did'nt end yet..
there are faculty's orientation, chinese community orientation,
and even the residential colege's orientation..
oh my.. why are these supposed to have?
now, i have to get over hundreds of signiture..
a way to know the seniors they told us..==''
and i guess, its quite a mission impossible to me..
cz i nid to go bck home this weekend to attend my uncle's wedding dinner..

lastly.. all of us in UM discovered one thing..lolx..
a quite popular cliché from the lecturers...
which is:
'in university, there is no spoon feeding, u need to find out
ALL the things yourself, as we treat u as an adult'..

i guess this is the reason why we get fed-up sometimes in asking things...
haha.. anyway...........

just chill`