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Monday, February 16

Results Revealed...


Today is monday...
today is a sunny day..
quite a hot one..
but there is another "meaning" for today..
well.. my results for the last UPS examination
is just being released today..
this time.. it wasnt a paradise for me.. ><
but.. this is as expected... so...
expectations had cut out my disapointment....
i got As for physics, chemistry, and english..
however a B- for mathematics..
quite a lot of questions.. tht i couldnt solve..
so thts how the result should be, i think..
thats y, i guess this time..
its time for me to workout for my mathematics..
to avoid the same thing tht happen now,
during the final exam, which is more crucial..
well... i will have 2 more months' time to prepare..
hope can do my best..


Saturday, February 7

Leave Without Saying Goodbye...

7th february 2008, 1.06 am; at home sweet home...

Once i thought we could fly,
Together high up in the sky;
Today the rain falls,
On me I let the rain pour;
Freezing coldness rushes into my deep heart's core,
A pain that I'd never experienced before;
But no one would know,
My soul is sorrow...

When time goes by,
I still don't understand your lie;
For me it wasn't too right,
As u risk it for our life;
So i did cry,
For a whole night;
The night that you wasn't by my side,
The night that you leave without saying goodbye...